Home Remedies For Scabies

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By Sugar Daze on 2012-12-29 12:35:12

Home Remedies to clear scabies is a much searched for product. I know how desperate I was. Watching my 5 year old suffer was really hard, especially since initially we had no idea what it was. At first, we did think it might be eczema returning to our family (which his brother had as a baby); a lot of the symptoms were the same. The one in particular, the night time itch! He was waking up in the middle of the night absolutely clawing himself until he bled.

After a couple of nights, I got him to the doctors who examined Harry. He looked at the pimple like bumps through a microscope and confirmed that Harry had scabies. He prescribed something to treat the critters, a cream which I took home and covered Harry in and left it on him all night, before rinsing it off the next morning. What he failed to tell me was that I should have washed Harry’s sheets, steam vacuumed the house, washed cuddle toys, etc, etc. Initially I just went with his advice and didn’t even think about home remedies for scabies – no excuse I know but I was desperate. The mites can not live longer than 48 hours or breed away from the human skin.

Needless to the say the horrible little bugs came back with full force about a week or so later. Thankfully, within that week I had been searching for information on the cream I had used on Harry, as usually I only like to use natural creams etc. This is probably due to the past experiences I have had using steroids, not good.

One thing to remember is that when you have treated yourself or the scabies patient the itch will get better but it wont go entirely for anywhere up to 6 months. It is rare for it to contniue this long though. For Harry the night time itch went within a couple of days and then the slight itches continued for about 3 weeks.

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