Home Remedy For Scabies


When I tried to rid my son of the scabies nightmare the first time around I got it horribly wrong (on the docs advice though). He just gave me some cream and failed to give me the whole cleaning routine that comes with it. Granted it is a bit of a nightmare, but trust me you don’t want them back.

First you need to decide on a suitable treatment you are going to use to tackle scabies. A Home Remedy for Scabies is now available. Research into the cream the doctor gives you because you really need to know what you are putting on your skin. I did research into the cream, but I made the mistake of researching after I had used it once (some of the ingredients had been linked to far worse things than scabies!). However, as I was told not to bother treating the rest of the family and bedding the mites soon returned and I was able to use a home remedy for scabies.

You need to wash all bedding and any clothes that have come into contact with the scabies patient. All family members need to be treated aswell, some people can be what is called ‘a silent carrier’, basically you don’t need to be scratching to be a scabies carrier. All carpets need to be cleaned, preferably steam cleaned and also the mattresses. Any cuddly toys that children have been in contact with need washing, or an alternative to this is put them in a large bin bag. You need to ensure that the bin bag is sealed tight, leave it that way for 2 weeks. The scabies mites can not live off human skin for very long. Also, you will need to treat the whole family again a week after to get rid of any mites that have hatched from the eggs.

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