How Low Can a Low-Carb Diet Go? Can Low-Carb Become No-Carb?


It’s more than likely that you’ve heard something about a low-carb diet if you’re trying to lose some weight. This kind of diet has become the weight loss solution of choice for dieters over the world over the last few years. It works simply by restricting the carbohydrates that you eat, so that you can better lose weight, because you prevent your body from turning carbs into fat. Less carbs consumed means less available for the fat bank to get hold of. This works great for a lot of people and low carb weight loss programs are real popular as a result.

But, for some people, the thinking here has switched a little. If a low-carb diet can work well when it comes to weight loss, then why not try a low low-carb one? So, just how low can a low-carb diet go? Can your low carb diet become a no-carb diet?

Controlling your carbohydrate intake can be a really successful way of getting your weight under control, because a low carb eating plan simply helps your body deal with the carbohydrate food that you eat in the best possible way. The carbs you eat may be used by your body to make energy but, if you eat too many of them or eat the wrong types, then energy production dies off and fat storage begins. So the argument is that you limit the consumption of carbs, or eliminate them completely.

The key word here though is energy. You know already that you can’t get by without it…right? The best low-carb diets restrict your intake of carbohydrate food so that your body has nothing left to convert into fat once it has dealt with the energy issue. And, they’ll often have you eating little and often during the day so that you keep your metabolism on its toes.

This is all great. But, having energy is great too. If you were, therefore, to try and turn your low-carb diet into a zero carb diet then you might be taking things a step too far. You may have been taught that carbs are bad for you but like many villains they have their good points, so a no carbs weight loss program could actually do you more harm than good. Your no carb, low energy body, for example, may not be able to process what you eat as effectively and you could actually end up seeing less weight loss than you would on a regular low-carb diet.

The best thing you can do is to get to know your carbs, good and bad, and to modify your eating habits to keep your body working like the machine it is whilst encouraging it not to build up fat deposits. And you can get this kind of result from a low carb diet. Your next job though will be picking the one that is right for you!

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