How to Attract Men – Secret Guide on How to Be Seductive For Women


Some women can have the skill to seduce men without a bat of an eyelash — they make eye contact and there he is, mesmerized and in total daze as of hypnotized. Although not all women can start seducing and attracting men as if it’s a Sport, here’s good news for you — men are easily turned-on. They’re like a switch — you turn it on, and he’s turned on — as easy as that. Well, in today’s tips, you don’t even have to turn something on — all you need to do is send him some signals to get him all thrilled (and a little riled, just for the fun of it) and get him totally attracted to you in an instant! Below are the techniques on how to attract men — get to learn the secrets on how to be seductive now!

• Be friendly. That’s correct — men are suckers for women who are friendly. But don’t act all too eager — just be approachable and don’t give that threatening look. One thing that keeps guys away is when a girl gives out an aura of indifference and danger. So curb it a little and give him a little chance to get friendly with you too.

• Learn how to flirt. Flirting is a woman’s arena — men do flirt, but women are masters when it comes to the art of body language. It also makes a man go nuts trying to figure out your signals — it adds up to the excitement and anticipation until he finally realizes that you’re interested. So have a little fun for a while. He’ll be all thrilled as you do too.

• Lead them on. Be a tease. Don’t give in too easily. Once a guy finds out you like him, impulse will tell him to play around — especially if you appear too available for him. Try to intrigue him by showing mixed signals — you like him, but not really. He’s cute but he’s not you’re type — something that makes his imagination work. Unpredictable women shoot up a man’s raging hormones up a notch.

• Play a little hard to get. Don’t be too easy. The more you appear you’re easy to get, the more he’ll think you’re not worth the effort. However, this doesn’t mean that you give a really difficult time — make him chase you for a while but once you feel it’s time to get hooked and to give in to attraction — stop. And be happy you got caught.

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