How to Create a Guitar Solo

.tags How to Create a Guitar Solo – Important Tips

The key factor that an acoustic guitarist should remember while creating a guitar solo is ‘how to play the solo’ instead of ‘what solo to play’. Many a times there is nothing wrong with the way many guitarists play their solos. The only things they lack are certain key elements of solo playing. As a result their solos don’t seem to attract the audience. In this regard, certain valuable tips are enlisted that will assist you to know how to create a guitar solo.

Guitar phrasing

This is one of the most important elements in any guitar solo that most acoustic guitarists tend to overlook. A proper guitar phrasing can do a world of good to your solos. As such you need to master guitar phrasing at any cost if you really want to be a professional solo guitarist. One of the best ways of mastering phrasing is by carefully studying your professional singers’ solo performances. Watch them playing their solos and observe how professionally they execute guitar phrasing i.e. how they play their notes and phrases. This will help you grasp certain valuable inputs and phrasing techniques.

Bending notes

Movement between notes is quite essential in case of solos. Singers can bend notes in both directions. However, most of the acoustic guitarists prefer to bend notes ‘down’. However, for an effective solo performance you also need to bend notes ’up’.

Delaying vibrato

Another most common practice that most guitar solo players end up doing is starting to apply vibrato as soon as they begin their notes. Though there is nothing wrong in it, but this trend has become quite a norm. Most professional guitarists, on the other hand, prefer to apply vibrato only after a few minutes of beginning their notes. This is quite effective and you can also follow suite in your solos.

Avoid manipulation of expressions

Another important thing to remember is to avoid manipulating emotional expressions from before hand, during your solos performances. Instead you must try to execute your expressions on the basis of each note that you play.

These tips regarding how to create a guitar solo will help to make your solo performance a success. So consider them seriously and try to improvise on them accordingly.

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