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1965 Beauty Ad, Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six Shampoo, with Pretty Teen Model Colleen Corby
Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six Shampoo with teen model Colleen Corby, 1965

"This is Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six Shampoo. Better hat it if you want clean, clear, jazzy hair."

Published in Ingenue magazine, March 1965, Vol. 7 No. 3

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Is born to black hair with a tangled, or indeed our fragile hair care enough? Get rid of hair problems and solve skin problems become more and more important as nursing logs, especially the hair extension is now common practice, ion and straight hair, curly hair … … so that ceramic thousand strands of worry than the delicate skin more fragile, more prone to injury . Oily hair – do you really wash your hair too much head and sebaceous glands, is the formation of the root causes of oily hair. Coupled with the scalp clean if not completely, blocked hair follicles that will greatly increase the probability of hair loss. Therefore, mastering the right shampoo is the only way to improve oily hair. chi hair straighteners


Tips 1 shampoo, shampoo should not be poured directly on the scalp, resulting in local concentration is too high, easy to clean, the passage of time will damage the scalp. 2, wash your scalp with nails grasp easily lead to inflammation of hair follicles. Correct method is to gently massage with the pulp, itchy case of dirty or the site is a little more force. 3, due to the dissolution of water in better, many people like to use very hot water will her hair, but they ignore the damage caused by hot water on the scalp. If you are worried shampoo residue, it may be washed several times with warm water and more. 4, oily hair should be washed every other day. For a daily shampoo, should choose a mild shampoo. STEP1: first, with plenty of water to the hair on the red dust and dander to reduce the amount of shampoo, and reduce the damage to the scalp. STEP2: pour the shampoo in the palm, dripping some water, then gently rub. STEP3: After foaming shampoo, spread evenly in the hair, the way to circular motion gently massage, and finally rinse thoroughly with water. Dry hair – a move being vitality lack the necessary fresh hair becomes dry and brown grease is not only a lack of luster, more likely to tangle into a group, it is difficult to comb. In fact, the “dead wood and Spring” is not difficult to do each week 1 to 2 times the head care, can not be lazy Oh! DIY olive oil has a soft natural hair care and the role of lubrication and can easily be absorbed, used for daily hair care most appropriate. STEP1: Wash hair, Yong Shounie out the excess water (avoid using towel and rub back and forth to make pores damage). chi straighteners


STEP2: three teaspoons of the olive oil component of the hair root to the tips of the hair evenly and massage the head for 3-4 minutes (I hope to double the effect of moisture, may wish to add the appropriate amount of honey in the olive oil.) STEP3: in the first 20-30 minutes of hot towel, and finally rinse with water. Damaged hair – easy to get hurt the weak know, even if you do not burn do not dye, rejected all the “new tricks”, may still be fragile brown hair split ends. Why? Swimming pool water damage in the hair of chlorine is a strong oxidant, long-term exposure will lead to serious damage to hair. Most people only know how to swim immediately after the adhesion of the hair washing out the chemical agent, did not realize the importance of prevention.


As everyone knows, before each swim wash the hair with water and then coated with a layer of conditioner and wear a swimming cap exposed, water can significantly block the direct contact with the hair. Before combing combing hair can not be ignored is the part of many people lightly, in fact, not only can remove the appropriate parts of carding dust and dander, but also promote blood circulation, strengthen the resistance of the scalp, reducing shampoo their hair and hair loss opportunities. Combing the hair when the hair follicles and should follow the natural growth direction, should not indiscriminately pull hard. Direct sunlight to reduce the fading sunlight is a natural agent, a long exposure will cause fading or discoloration of the hair. In addition, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will also damage the internal organization of the hair, so that the rapid loss of water, hair brown, dry and even rupture. Therefore, we must rely on when they go out the summer sun umbrella or sun hat to withstand the sun, able to do so then sprayed with anti-ultraviolet function of conditioner. Shampoo hair carefully choose the person who damaged the misuse dedicated oily hair shampoo, but will be more damaging hair, because the latter type of product to clean the oil capacity and more robust performance than other types. Containing protein, sunflower, avocado cream and other acidic shampoo formulations have a very good repair functions for dry split hair.chi hair tools

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