How to play fast guitar solos

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Ironically even those who have been playing and practicing guitar for many years, find it tough to play guitar solos fast. And many drill it in their brains that playing fast guitar solos is not for them. Hence mastering the skills of playing the guitar was always a distant dream for them. But now one is able to read plenty of useful and easy tips on how to play fast guitar solos in e-books and online sites. The down-to-earth tips motivate the guitar players to give it another try to play acoustic guitar solos fast.

The key tool that has been recommended invariably by every expert for increasing the speed of playing acoustic guitar is the metronome. The faithful metronome acts like a rhythmic timer that sets the pace for the player to practice his notes. The adjustable metronome could be progressively set for increased speeds everyday, as the player progresses in his tempo speed. The advice the experts give players for successfully playing fast guitar solos is not to be stressed while playing to the rhythm of the metronome, the secret thus is to relax. Advancements in software technologies have now produced software Tabs that allow the players to practice to the rhythm of the software.

The classic advice on how to play fast guitar solos is to play it slowly! By practicing to play very slowly, one is able to analyze his technique as well as his personal shortcomings in playing guitar. With this understanding, a player could make a quantum jump in his speeds, if he sticks to his limits and is able to relax completely, thereby eliminating every possibility of lack of clarity and accuracy in his articulation.

As success always comes with attitude, a guitarist has to necessarily wear on his sleeve the correct attitude. He has to ingrain in himself the fact that playing slow and fast guitar are one and the same. And as nothing succeeds like hard work, the player has to shed his inhibitions and preconceived notions and practice hard to master the tricks of playing acoustic guitar at great speeds.

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