How to Style Stripes, Spring/Summer Looks (Men Style Guide)

How to Style Stripes, Spring/Summer Looks (Men Style Guide)

Menswear fashion styling ideas and summer looks, ideas for 5 looks and outfits to rock the stripes.

Stripes are a wardrobe must haves for Spring Summer styles. Menswear styling ideas for this summer, how to wear stripes with men summer outfits. Stripes are often referred to as “wardrobe must-haves” and I would like to introduce you to a five different striped combinations which you could easily style and mix and match.

Easy and cool. Classic crew neck long sleeves T-shirt paired with tailored pants, jeans or jogging pants, would give you a great sailor mariner look.

Stripes MIX. Stripes on stripes is perfect for mix-and-matching.

Stripes with denim. Denim shirts are classic of men’s smart-casual style, possibly a perfect combination for the striped T-shirt. Wear with jeans or slim fit trousers, respecting the color palette.

Smarter without trying too hard. Swap a shirt for a mariner stripe tee for a smart look. Simple color palette to make a stronger statement.

Blazer and t-shirt should be slim fit, anything wide would not be easy on the eye. Could be paired with slim jeans or trousers, and white or blue sneakers.

Try striped shorts. Striped trousers or shorts. Even cooler to rock them with the striped shirt and white sneakers.

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