How to Travel to Cairo


Travel to Cairo can be an overwhelming experience. Cairo is the administrative capital of Egypt and the largest city of Africa. It is also considered as home for millions of people. Its beauty attracts a number of people from all over the world. Cairo is almost every Egypt Pyramid like the Great Pyramids of Giza on the edge of the city. But, either within or nearby the city, there are also ancient temples, Christian churches, tombs, Muslim monuments and the Egyptian Antiquities Museum.

Your Cairo travel can be more than two days as there are various things to see and enjoy such as a number of historic buildings of the city’s rulers such as Roman, Arab, Greek, British, Turkish, French – spanning over five millennia. Besides these, Cairo is also a wonderful place to shop and soak up some Islamic culture.

When you travel to Cairo, a guide will help you in providing right information about the places of Cairo. When you are about to travel to Cairo, you need not to be worried about where to stay, where to shop in Cairo, especially how to get there and around Cairo. A travel guide will let you know:

How to Get There?

By Air

Cairo International Airport in the middle east can handle air traffic from all over the world. There are two terminals in the airport. A free shuttle bus moves around the airport and links to both terminals in every few minutes. The airport is situated 13.5 miles northeast of Cairo.

Main carriers include:

Air France
Air Canada
British Airways
United Airlines
Japanese Airlines

How to Get Around?

You can enjoy your Cairo travel

By Cairo Subway

Instead of renting a car, the subway is the best way to get around Cairo. It is well maintained. The first two trains are only for females. But remember some stations’ names may be inconsistent on maps and signs.


Taxis are safe and good to get around Cairo but you have to agree with the driver on a fare before travel to Cairo. You may need to haggle to bring the charges down.


You can have an authentic experience in Cairo by traveling on one of the many microbuses running around the city. Travel to Cairo or moving around by bus will save a lot of your money but you will get hot environment in this process.

By Boat

You can also enjoy your Cairo travel by boat.

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