How to Treat Hair Loss During Chemotherapy


If you are facing surgery, you may get some procedure which affecting your hair. No matter the procedure doing before or after the surgery, it is called as chemotherapy. The purpose is to reduce the activities of cancer cells using drugs in order to succeed the surgery process.

During the procedure that followed the surgery, many patients will get some side effects related to their body. Commonly, people who are in this process will lose their hair because of poor nutrition. The reason is the drugs used during the procedure contains ingredients for thinning the hair or even induce total hair loss.

To care your hair during the procedure, you have to avoid color or a perm. The reason is the procedure will affect your follicles and directly affect the re-growth hair. Your hair may become curls or if you use the color, it may not spread well. The worst is your re-growth hair become vulnerable so you will get hair loss permanently.

The second way in caring your hair during the procedure is using gentle shampoo and mild conditioner. The mild shampoo can help when your hair thinning. Doctors often recommended using baby shampoo for those undergoing the procedure. Also wash your hair every 3 to 5 days or even everyday in order to prevent possible scalp irritation.

Every time you wash your hair during chemotherapy, pay attention to the way you rinse it. Rinse your hair thoroughly and pat dry but do not blow dryers. It will damage your hair quickly because your hair is not strong enough to accept the heat related to the chemotherapy side effects. On the other hand, you can use a no-rinse shampoo between the times of washing.

If your hair thinning or getting hair loss, you may be able to choose any styling products. It would be easy to shampooing your hair without much money. I suggest you to buy products labeled ‘light hold’ because it easy to use. The last tip, you may want to use scarf or hat when you are going outdoors, it helps you to prevent sunburn and heat loss.

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