Interesting Comparisons between Princess Diana and Kate Middleton


Prince William and Kate Middleton have already touched closer to a happy ending and fairytale wedding. Their marriage is considered as one of the currently biggest events in Britain and cheered by people all over the world. Over the years, the beautiful lady has been compared constantly to the late mother in law, Princess Diana, from her non-royal background to her common sense of style.


While Princess Diana was born in an aristocratic family, Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton was born in a middle class background and her parents became wealthy in the late 1980’s thanks to their private-own company. Besides, Diana was 13 years younger than Prince Charles while Kate is 6 months older than her future husband.


However, the two ladies have many things in common like habits, fashion style and sense of self. Let’s discover the interesting comparisons between them below.


The two women had the same outfits when they came to Switzerland for skiing

They also had the same sense of hat fashion

Kate Middleton wears the blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring that the prince’s father gave to Princess Diana in 1981

This dress Kate wore looked like the one of late Princess Diana

Diana wore the pattern in conservative style

Kate also wears plaid and keeps it modern and sexy

Diana was famous for her gorgeous gowns and ability to combine current fashion with traditional royal glamour

Diana’s daughter in law also chose blue color for her dress


Diana went for a walk on the wild side in leopard print

Kate loves wearing grabbing prints when going out in the town



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