Internet Marketing and Sales Copy


When creating a web presence it is important to realise customers buy benefits not features. Features have a purpose and you’d do well to tie up this purpose with an actual benefit to the customer.

If you say “your computer could run at 50 MHz” you should follow on with the benefit “this makes it very fast and here is what this means for you : Your computer won’t take ages to load up anymore. In fact our new 10mz computer will challenge you to keep up with it.”

Aim to answer these questions in your text:

What’s in it for me? Why does that matter? Think out a compelling reason for your customer to buy from you This reason must stand out. Could it be:

• The cheapest price
• Fastest delivery
• The best guarantee
• Saves money

Take some time to think it through and then work the answer into your sales page.

Highlight further benefits to your customer by saying “Make sure your site loads within 10 seconds or you may lose visitors.” Tests show they’ll wait 10 seconds max before going elsewhere no matter how beautifully designed your pages are.

Use images to stir emotions and draw them to what you want them to see.

Don’t just use images because they look good. Always ask “what does it accomplish?” Does it demonstrate the product? Does it show a benefit? Does it draw attention to an important part of the page

Your aim is to sell the sizzle, not the steak.You must show a benefit, your unique selling proposition. It’s the most important part of your sales page. Try out different ones until you get the best result. Your web developer can easily update your website for you.

Use testimonials

Ask your customers for one. Often you could submit to them what you’d like them to say for them to tweak or change it to suit. Naming them and their company is of great value in increasing your credibility with new customers. New customers can more easily relate to John Smith from ABC Motors in Nottingham Or Jean Grey, selling health care products in Leicester.

All sales copy must be interesting to read.

Those ready to buy will read for as long as it takes providing the copy is not boring. So be succinct, to the point and tell the whole story with precision. Make the text easy to read. Tests have shown that 12pt Arial is popular and liked. Break up text into smaller paragraphs and use bullet points often. Use sub header tags within the page

All the above processes allow the reader to quickly glance through your page and pick out areas of particular interest to them. At the end of your page, always place a call to action

• Pick up the phone now
• Email now
• Sign up now for our newsletter

Finally don’t forget to read out aloud everything you have written. This will highlight word stumbling and overused phrases. Change them for a smoother flow so readers won’t stumble either.

A good starter to your copy is a conversation you might have had or do have with your customers and finding out what their fears or concerns are.

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