Internet Marketing Vs. Traditonal Marketing

By Luc Van Braekel on 2006-03-21 22:46:44

Internet Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Study shows that there is a great negative correlation in terms of brand equity and customers loyalty. In the traditional method of marketing, customers, because of difficult accessibility of product and high price, there’s a possibility that customers would likely to purchase a competing brand ones they can’t find the brand they’re looking for.

While in Internet marketing, customers are exposed to a wide range of brands simultaneously and they have the free will to select the brand they’re looking for.

In this case, customers in ecommerce can select a high quality product. Loyalty is also an important factor in Internet marketing.

In dealing with the procedure in Internet marketing, delivering of goods to consumers would takes time, there’s no purchase option, while in dealing with the procedure in the traditional methods, it’s done in real time, lack of available product in the store may cause the consumers to change their decisions in the choice for another brand.

Therefore, we can say that in Internet marketing, quality and brand equity would increase loyalty for customers, while in the traditional marketing, this does not apply whatsoever.

Comparison between Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing

1. Customers are global in scope. There’s no boundary in your business and transactions is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, no holiday.

2. Internet Marketing is considered as very faster and economical medium for promoting product and business growth.

3. Credibility plays an important aspect to invite more customers. You can’t fool your customers, once they’ve been fooled, you’re out online forever.

4. Good public relation contributes you success and failure online. You should have a strong public relation to your customers to survive on the Internet.

Traditional Marketing

1. Customers are only limited in your service area. There’s a boundary and scope of product  distribution.

2. Product promotion entails big budget, using the tri-media methods of promotion.

3. Because customers can see and touch the actual product, they’ve the choice to buy it or not, based on their personal decision.

4. Good public relation contributes your failure and success in offline business. Your dealing with your  customers would attributes how you’ll succeed in the traditional method of marketing.

I have listed only a part  of this report in comparing the difference between Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

In my future reports, I’ll give more detailed discussion for your further understanding about selling online as against selling the traditional way.

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