Iran and Censorship Considered


For those who follow the Iranian Elections, it is known that during the last Presidential Election, microwaves were sent radiating the Tehran, in order to block out incoming Satellite TV Signals. Why? Well, because a certain faction wanted to win, and take over power, and of course, that is exactly what happened. This is not uncommon from unethical regimes, it is merely a new twist on an old theme, in fact Machiavellian Theory taken to modern era predicts it.

Does this mean the current regime is illegitimate? Yes, that is exactly what this means. Have things changed since this current regime got elected? Yes, they have gotten considerably worse, with bloggers being thrown in jail, prison, disappearing, etc., but that is not all. Iran is having its parliamentary elections and to silence dissent they are calling for a complete Internet blackout the day of the election, perhaps even longer. Why? Well, considering their past regime games, it is amazing that you would even ask me that.

Iran is enriching Uranium and now the current regime is trying to stack the deck of the parliament, through various tactics of quelling dissenters, censorship and a complete black out of the Internet. So, I ask will that call at 3:00 am in the morning to the White House be a wake-up call to the US that Israel is under attack by both Iran and their sponsored terrorist group Hezbollah, using both conventional and nuclear weapons?

Am I to be censored too for asking this question, as a US citizen? When will the US citizenry wake up and realize that Iran is moving forward with their plans and promises to eliminate their arch rivals. If the Iranian elections are rigged and the current regime has stolen that country from its people, then we are looking at a disaster on the horizon or another temporary Sun.

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