Is Vitamin Deficiency Cause for Hair Loss on Women?


Excessive hair loss for women is very alarming not just a sign of deteriorating beauty but it is also a sign of weakening self-confidence. This is because the hair is a woman’s crowning glory and is always the first thing to be noticed. The hair also manifests a lot of things about a woman like her diet, hygiene and health. It is one of the more obvious signs on how the woman takes care of herself.

There are a lot of causes why women experience hair loss. In some cases, it may be a result of stress, growth of yeasts on the scalp, other illness mostly endocrine – related and hormonal imbalance that may be the result of menopausal stage or post- natal stages. However, in some cases, hair loss for women is a result of vitamin deficiency. Some women experience hair loss because of their diet. Some diets lack in proper nutrition that the body needs and therefore results to excessive falling hair. If the hair loss for women is just mild to moderate you can try some of these easy immediate treatments.

Improve your diet – Some hair loss may also be attributed to vitamin deficiency. Vitamins B, C and E are essential vitamins that keep the skin and hair healthy. Other vitamins that helps nourish the hair are calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron. It is believed that after pregnancy, a woman loses a lot of vitamins in her body. It is important that these lost vitamins need to be replenished as soon as possible. This is one of the cases why hair loss in women can also be accounted to vitamin deficiency.
Try some herbal supplements – A lot of herbal supplements are available over the counter. Examples are kelp-derived supplements that are rich in iodine and gingko biloba which helps the smooth blood flow in the scalp.
Examine your emotions and stress levels – Extreme negative emotions and stress is two of the more popular causes of hair loss in women. Keeping your emotions healthy and living a stress-free lifestyle will translate to a healthy scalp and hair.
Seek professional help – Whether the cause of hair loss is an illness, vitamin deficiency or just plain stress, it is important that a person seeks the advice of a hair health expert before taking any medications.

Hair loss in women is not an unusual thing anymore. Women are also prone to hair loss and baldness as much as men. However, fortunately in most cases, the root cause of hair loss for women is poor diet that eventually becomes a vitamin deficiency. 

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