Jaipur Tourism – Wonderful Travel Destination in Rajasthan


Jaipur is an important tourist city situated in Indian state of Rajasthan. This is capital city of Rajasthan, popularly known as the ‘pink city of India’. Jaipur, the most attractive and charming place, is any tourist’s delight. The city was founded in 1727 AD by one of the greatest rulers of the Kachhawaha family, King Sawai Jai Singh. The pink color was used at the time of constructing the place to create an impression of red sandstone buildings of Mughal cities. It is wonderful travel destination. It reflects the charm and grandeur of historical past of Rajasthan. The city is dotted with numerous tourist places, which is enough to entertain and amuse tourists. Jaipur is famous for massive forts and palaces, temples & monument and unique culture. Let us explore the attractions of the pink city:-

Jaigarh Fort – Jaigarh Fort is one of the most spectacular monuments in Rajasthan. Jaigarh fort is better known as Victory Fort. What makes it all the more appealing, is its location being located on a hilltop, it has become irresistibly beautiful an arena absolutely fit to explore the adjacent scenario. This fortress is one of the few hard-core fortresses and military structures of medieval India that are well preserved and are almost intact. This fort has palaces, granary, well-planned cannon foundry, several temples, a tall tower and giant mounted cannon known as Jaivan. Jaivan is believed to be the largest cannon in the world.

City Palace – The City Palace of Jaipur Made by Raja Jai Singh 2, the City Palace Complex occupies about 1/7th of the walled city. The magnificent brass gateway to the main palace building opens into a courtyard that overlooks the Mubarak Mahal, now housing the textile section of the Raja Sawai Man Sigh 2 Museum. A blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture that rules over most Rajasthani historic monument is also visible here. The palace is dotted with several courtyards and gardens providing a relief to the palatial structures like the Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Badal Mahal, Sri Goivnd Dev temple, etc. The huge silver water vessels displayed at the Diwan-e-Khas recorded in the Guiness Book.

Govind Dev Ji Temple – The Govind Dev Ji Temple is housed in the City Palace complex of Jaipur and is a must visit attraction for devotees and tourists alike. The Govind Dev Ji Temple is the place where visitors can find enshrined an image of Lord Krishna. It is believed that this idol was brought all the way from Vrindavan and installed in Jaipur by the celebrated king, Sawai Jai Singh. Ever since, the royal family has worshiped Lord Krishna as its patron deity. The Govind Dev Ji Temple was built in 1890 with the donation money received from Raja Man Singh.

Hawa Mahal – The Hawa Mahal built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the Hawa Mahal or the palace of breeze is a part of the Jaipur City Palace complex. Sporting the Rajput meets Mughal style of architecture that characterizes the city. This building has 953 windows in the front giving it a honeycombed look. The windows were originally made to facilitate the royal ladies forbidden to go outdoors to have a view of the street. The cool breeze circulating through this keeps the building cool and has lent the building its name. The gateway opens into a courtyard in Rajasthani style and has a double storey building on three sides and one more with three ore floors on the eastern wing.

Apart from the above listed places, there are various traditional and ethnic places to visit. Jaipur is the prime attraction of Rajasthan tourism due to its architecturally marvelous forts and places. Go through Royals Rajasthan Tourism and Travel Guide and you will definitely meet your expectation in every aspect.

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