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What is Offshore Web Hosting Good for? PowerPoint Slide #04
What is Offshore Web Hosting Good for?
Here are the resources I use: www.sidewages.com/resources/

Why Offshore Web Hosting?
– have you even heard of it before?
– benefits vary by country
– freedom is a primary key
– privacy is also an important factor

Legalities Across the Globe
– certain countries restrict certain sites
– other countries are more enabling
– laws can protect but possibly constrain, too

Privacy is Always in Mind
– can choose anonymous hosting
– protect your identity from the masses
– don’t have to worry about random stalkers
– DON’T do this for unlawful reasons!
– think long term and world-wide impact

Consider the Costs
– some offshore hosting can be extremely cheap
– others can be crazy expensive
– other countries may open advertising routes

Freedom from Nature?
– natural disasters are a real concern
– you may not be able to relocate
– no reason you can’t keep your data safe
– ensure website protection by location

But Where are these Offshore Places?
– the United States and United Kingdom
– Panama, Netherlands, Singapore
– China can be good, but be aware of spam rules

Wrapping Up Your Hosting Needs
– looking for reliability in any situation
– potentially powerful price for performance
– legalities and privacy are important
– do what’s right and get to doing already

Here are the resources I use: www.sidewages.com/resources/
By SideWages on 2013-02-24 15:28:23

Just Host reviews frequently place it up amongst the top recommended hosting companies. It is a comparatively new hosting provider but has grown fast during the last two years and presently operates in UK, USA, Canada, Australia & Singapore.

Packages Available

Just Host sells two shared linux based hosting packages with the only difference being the number of domains included. The basic plan has one and the premium plan includes three. The company also sells reseller packages and offers dedicated server hosting through a “preferred partner” to users who have too much activity for shared hosting.

The domains can be newly registered with Just Host or transferred and are then free as long as the hosting package is renewed (although it is possible to sign up with Just Host without having a domain name registered with them). At the time of writing the basic package from Just Host is from $ 3.45 per month (I was able to reduce this to $ 2.49 with a coupon code) and the premium package is from $ 6.95 per month.

To get the lowest price you need to pay 48 months in advance. There is an anytime money back guarantee which means that you can cancel at any point and get a pro-rata refund but you have to pay a $ 20 fee for the domain name registration at this point (even if you cancel 5 minutes after signing up), although the domain name is then yours.

Bandwidth, disk space, number of domains, databases and email addresses are unlimited. The Terms of Service do try to explain what “unlimited” means but it seemed to me that you are relying on Just Host to be reasonable about resource usage but it is much the same with any hosting company.

The packages are comprehensive and will easily meet the needs of most users (provided you don’t need Windows hosting). Included are cPanel and 1 click installs of popular software. There are a few optional extras including, more domain names, dedicated IP address, private SSL certificate, daily backups and domain privacy.


Just Host claim reliability in excess of 99.9% and fast loading speeds through use of their load balancing technology (site available from multiple servers) and super fast backbone connections. A large majority of their users seem to agree that the technical offering is good.

Support Service

Support is provided 24/7 by telephone, chat and email and mostly reported as being good, for example staff “going the extra mile” to assist in resolving an issue. Conversely support was an issue for some commentators who felt that the support staff were sometimes unhelpful or simply unable to provide a resolution.My own experience supports the former view.

Whilst looking at user comments I saw that the people who wrote very bad reviews of Just Host were generally upset about financial matters like cancellations, refunds and renewals. If you read the Website and Terms of Service carefully you will understand the cancellation procedure, the fee charged for the domain on cancellation and that the discounts are for the initial period only (although the website is confusing on this one).


A free domain name appears to be attractive but complicates the offering and it is actually only a good deal if you stay with the host for several years (i.e. it locks you in). I personally always prefer to keep hosting and domain registration separate. If you a seeking Linux hosting then Just Host provides a comprehensive service at a good price and is well worth a try.

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