Katie Holmes as First Lady in ?The Kennedys?


Katie Holmes has gained international media attention as actor Tom Cruise’s wife. Their latest news along with the little daughter Suri is updated all the time on the Internet and the press. Recently, she has been chosen to take over the role former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the new TV miniseries “The Kennedys”. The character former U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s wife is considered to be an integral role, which marks a milestone in her acting career.


Jacqueline Kennedy is one of the most famous First Lady in American history. She used to be the fashion idol of her time. As First Lady from 1961 until her husband’s assassination in 1963, she was an active woman in social activities and beloved by Americans. Born in 1927, Jacqueline died at the age of 65 and was remembered for her contributions to the arts and historic preservation.


Jacqueline Kennedy is remembered for her style and elegance



On August 21st, the 31-year-old actress Katie Holmes and her co-star Greg Kinnear arrived at the airport of Toronto, Canada for the first film scenes. It seems that Holmes is rather enjoying her new role as Mrs. Kennedy. In eight-hour miniseries, viewers will know more about the Kennedy family’s political dynasty. The Kennedys is scheduled to be aired on the History Channel in 2011.


On August 21st, Katie Holmes was at the airport in Toronto, Canada for the first film scenes


Katie Holmes performs as former U.S. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Greg Kinnear acts the role of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy


“The Kennedys” is filmed in America and Canada


The Kennedy family


The little daughter Suri also appeared at the film location


Jacqueline Kennedy in her husband’s funeral


Many famous stylists are invited to design Katie Holmes’ costumes in “The Kennedys”


Katie Holmes wears Mrs.Kennedy’s iconic pink outfit


Katie shared that she enjoyed playing as Mrs. Kennedy because of her amazing clothes


Katie is putting on a long purple maternity coat


Katie is at a polling station wearing her pale blue dress



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