Knee Pain Home Remedies And Natural Treatment For Leg Pain

The knees are the most easily upset part of the body. The largest and most complicated joint, the knee is used for everything from rank up, sitting, to walking, running, etc. It’s a weight-bearing joint that straighten, bends, twists and rotates.

All this motion increases your risk of acute or overuses knee injuries.

Acute knee injuries (including torn ligaments and torn cartilage) are often caused by twisting the knee or falling.
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Sports that involve running and jumping and sudden stop and turning, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and baseball, as well as contact sports such as football, wrestling, and hockey increase the risk of an acute knee injury.

Knee pain is the most widespread musculoskeletal complaint that brings people to their doctor.

With today’s increasingly active society, the number of knee problems is increasing. Knee pain has a wide variety of explicit causes and treatments.

Causes of Knee pain

The most common state that causes knee pain is arthritis, and there are a lot of different treatments available for this form.

A ligament or cartilage tear can also cause knee pain, and the behavior for these injuries is usually surgery to repair the tear, and then rest and strengthening exercises once the tear is healed.
Tendonitis causes knee pain as well, with the patellar tendon the most common one to cause knee pain.

A dislocated knee cap can cause knee pain, but it can also cause other damage to the knee joint that can lead to further complications later.

Knee Pain Treatment

A light massage of medicated Ayurveda Herbal oil is very effective, especially after application of heat (moderate and bearable with heat bags).

Massage makes the joint travels easier and then patients can perform physical movements, so if massage is followed by Asanas, it has been found to be more fruitful.

Nature Cure for Arthritis

Steam bath

Basti (Enema) with sesame oil (15 cc) between 5.30 to 6.30 pm (This treatment is recommended in Ayurveda)

In the morning drink warm water + fresh lime on empty stomach
Sun bath for 10 to 15 minutes

Yoga Life Style

Man has moved away from the nature and has found himself surrounded by stress and unhealthy life style, most important a stress free life is essential to good health.

Home Remedies for Knee Pain

1. Fenugreek seeds soaked in mustard seed oil are a great remedy for knee pain. Smear these seeds on the knees and allow them to dry for some time. This remedy warms up the knees and increases the blood flow to them, improving lubrication and the health of cartilages.

2. If you have been experience knee pains relentlessly, it is significant to give some attention to your diet as well. Your body needs higher quantities of vitamin D, E and B3.

Cod liver oil, peanuts and flaxseed oils are excellent. Glucosamine sulfate and niacinamide are some of the other nutritional supplements that can help in the slowing down of the degeneration of the knees.

3. Powder a spoonful of bishop’s weed and eat this with a glass of lukewarm water every morning.

4. In warm milk or clarified butter, add wheat flour, castor oil and turmeric powder. Make a mixture of pasty constancy and apply it on the knees to get instant relief from pain.

5. Drink lots of water so that your body leftovers hydrated. When the body is hydrated, the muscles in the joint also remain soft. The cartilaginous tissue retains its suppleness and prevents the bones of the joints from grind against each other.

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