La Bella Donna & Glominerals

.tags Mineral makeup that is Good for your Skin and No Break Outs-
We all thought mineral makeup was supposed to be good for our skin. So why does it make so many of us break out, get clogged pores, and all that comes along with these skin problems? I thought to myself I really dont spend much money on makeup. Why not do a little research and find the best mineral makeup, with the best ingredients for my skin, and not worry about the prices. To my dismay, the makeup that I found really was not that much more than the cruddy stuff I was currently using. Anyways, Im rambling.
To make a long story short, I found La Bella Donna. How are they different you ask? They offer a makeup line with no cheap fillers like corn starch.La Bella Donna Makeup is made with a Zinc Oxide base. If you did not already know, Zinc Oxide is healthy for your skin, and it contains SPF. So now I am wearing a makeup that helps protect my skin from UVA and UVB rays, and, it does not clog my pores. Literally, every day I thank La Bella Donnafor their invention. Their most popular product is the La Bella Donna line of foundations. They offer a loose and pressed powder that are amazing, and each foundation runs for about $ 50, but they last for a really long time. So why is it so much money? Well, Zinc Oxide costs more money, and La Bella Donnaputs a lot of care into using the purest crushed minerals. As you can tell, La Bella Donna is worth the money in way more ways than one. Ok, I have another for you, if you cant justify spending $ 50 on a foundation.
GloMinerals, I just love their concealers. It is a wonderful line for acne cover up. Most of their products also use a Zinc Oxide base, mixed in with Titanium Oxide to help bring down the cost, two common ingredients to sunscreen. I love the range of colors that GloMinerals has available. TheGloMinerals foundations start at around $ 36, and the GloMinerals Camouflage oil free concealers start at $ 21. GloMinerals has a complete skin care product line, so you can really get lost in their products. I recommend starting with their makeup, and then going from there.

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