Latex Exam Gloves- Indispensable For Hygiene

.tags For any medical process, where a doctor needs to examine a patient, it becomes indispensable for the doctor and the medical staff to use gloves, to prevent themselves and also the patient from any infection. Latex gloves have been used for a long time for this purpose and continue to be used. Read on for more information.

Medical profession requires close examination of patients and the medical staff has to come in contact with the patients. Hence there is probability of the medical staff of getting infection from the patient. At the same time, the patient also has to be protected from direct touch as it can cause germs to enter his body. Often there is high sensitivity like when a patient is getting operated, and his internal body parts are exposed, not taking sufficient measures may result in infection in his body. Gloves play an essential role here as they are sterilized and protect both the doctor as well as the patient. Gloves are hence used almost everywhere in a medical profession right from a doctor examining a patient to a complicated surgery.

There are different varieties of gloves used for medical purposes; the more popular ones are latex gloves, vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves, and neoprene gloves. Latex gloves are often used for medical examination and surgery purposes. Though owing to the latex allergy some people experience, there are other available choices of gloves yet latex gloves remain one of the most used gloves. They were first used in 1980 by William Stewart Halstead, an influential American surgeon who emphasized the importance of hygiene. Later on, gloves came to be widely used in almost all medical processes at hospitals everywhere due to their hygienic features.

The advantage of latex gloves that make it the most widely used gloves is its features of great strength and flexibility. It is soft, fits the hands perfectly like second skin and has a good grip, thus perfect for tasks where you need precision like surgery. Being resistant to abrasions and cuts, it also gives a little protection to the hands to some extent. It is also very economical, that makes it easy to use everywhere. Disposable gloves further provide a good option as the doctor can throw them after a single use, thus the chances of any infection are further greatly reduced. They are easily available at all medical stores and can also be used for many other things. However, the purpose remains the same, to avoid direct contact of the body from anything for protection.

They come powdered with cornstarch from the inside to make it easier to open them and wear them. However, some people are allergic to the powder used; hence there have been some changes in the way they are manufactured so that they can be worn even without any lubrication. One disadvantage of latex gloves is that they cannot be used when working with chemicals because they are not resistant to chemicals and would get damaged. However, for examination purpose they are still the best. Latex exam gloves are used in hospitals, clinics and for all such medical purposes all over the world. Due to its features of providing complete protection, being easily available, flexibility, convenience in use and affordability, they will continue to be used for a long time in future as well

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