Learn Greek Quick and Easy


Who doesn’t love Athens? It may be the greatest place on earth to study civilization, history, culture and human endeavor, not to mention that the place is a good source of virile men. Indeed, there are many reasons for you to go to Greece and one way to survive the centuries old culture is to speak their tongue. That is one major reason for learning the Greek language.

Learning Greek is learning the language that is 3,000 years old. Not many know that the Greek language has influenced most of the European languages, even English through some French and Latin words that are already part of mainstream English. It is also the best documented language on the globe, spanning over 34 centuries. That follows after the Greek civilization has been the most studied perhaps. Some of the words made popular by the Greek language are mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, democracy, theatre, among others.

As of today, there are about twelve million people who speak the Greek language. Most of them come from Cyprus, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Corsica, Canada, Russia, and even the US. Wouldn’t it be great then to be able to speak to this massive number of people after you learn a second language?

It is said as well that learning the Greek language will save you from the trouble of memorizing scientific names of popular plants and what have yous that are needed in your work or school or even for home remedies. You can easily breeze through these words or understand what it means by merely looking at the Latin words.

It is said that the Greek language is one of the most difficult languages to learn. That is if you are not fond of reading books. Lawyers would not have trouble learning it, with the number of Latin words that are used in most constitutions and most law documents.

Greece is a powerful nation, not only because of Greek mythology. The country is a member of the European Union, a formidable group of the world’s strongest nations. Because of its rich history, it is also most frequently visited by tourists. For the scholarly, studying Greek is an easy access to the originals of the world’s greatest pieces of literature.

The Greek language has several periods of development in history. The modern Greek can be traced back to the Byzantine period in the 11th century. Today this language has several dialects that are intertwined with it.

Truly there are many reasons for you to study Greek and they are not trivial reasons to learn it. One of the best ways to learn the language is not through a strict language trainer. You can learn the Greek language with fun on your iPod as you listen to Pimsleur Greek language learning audio program. The best thing about it is that you can learn it while jogging, on your car, cleaning the house, or even during your regular trip to the spa.

Who says you can’t learn Greek fast and easy?

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