Let the heart to travel


Life is like a journey, not a destination, care about is the landscape and scenery mood.


Yes, life is always unexpected deducing ups and downs; let us stay at the peak of happiness, fall in the abyss of pain. People always expect to gain honor, have lost, and lose heart back to between screens, heavy yoke, exhausted. Life is helpless, not too sedulous pursuit, human nature is compared how insignificant! When you meet good treasure, happy when you don’t throw it, when the happiness, don’t indulge yourself to find another way of happiness. God is relative, for your closes a door for you and will open another window, pursue happiness is actually very simple, let us fly mood, let the heart to travel!


When we meet the setbacks life, so don’t despair when broken heart, to travel!


Lofty mountain stream, see waterfall, listen to the sound, the temple worries aside and let nature scenery to heal the wound of the mind,


The green hill, as far as the mountains, and extend the life is faint present, all the hustle and secular disappear without trace without trace.


The vast human nature, the frustration is very small!


When we are always with false mask serious pollution of the city at about exhausted for life, don’t hesitate to travel!


In the mud, and enjoy the earth and nature, enjoy the mud and pure and fresh, miss childhood satiny childlike innocence and.


Bubble in the sea waves touching you close, the mechanical body, let your natural flavor, taste sea will release in unrestrained.


Enjoy shout, here is all inclusive of nature, no strange eyes and ugly suspicion, the indulge themselves is the release of the soul, without the pressure of the life to heaven and setbacks. In the journey, in the nature of fly to purify the mind, keep a pure heart!

Release the mood; let the heart to travel, because we love our life!

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