London Heathrow Terminal 5 For Teenagers


If you’re planning on travelling through Terminal 5 at Heathrow with teenagers, you may well be feeling a little apprehensive. Of course, all teenagers are different, but just as with children, having a teenager with you when you’re trying to negotiate airport queues and security can simply complicate things.

Before you leave for Terminal 5, make sure your teenagers have some books or games to keep them busy in the terminal. If they think they don’t need them, ask them how they’ll feel if the plane’s delayed – they’ll almost certainly be far keener to bring something along! If you find yourself caught out with some bored teenagers once you get to Terminal 5, then there is a branch of WH Smith which should have books and magazines.

Depending on your budget, you’re probably not going to want to spend huge amounts of money on your teenagers in Terminal 5, but if you do need to get a few last minute holiday items, then doing your shopping in the terminal could be a good way of both keeping them occupied, and saving money in tax too. There is a branch of Accessorize that might be good for some last minute swimwear bargains, and boots for general holiday essentials such as sun cream. If your teenagers enjoy window shopping, then there are plenty of luxury fashion and accessories stores in Terminal 5, and a few electrical goods shops. If they’re reliable, you could set them a time and place to meet you, and let them browse alone for half an hour, leaving you in peace for a while before the flight. That staple teenager’s hangout HMV has an outlet in Terminal 5, and could possibly supply them with a pocket-money purchase or two, especially considering the low, idiosyncratic pricing that comes with being duty-free. WHSmith is also a good bet, as kids can spend a long time reading a magazine about Twilight or Transformers or what have you. Everyone has their favourite travel game, but you can’t go far wrong with a pack of cards, especially if it’s the amazingly addictive Uno, which is simple enough for a child to play but extremely engrossing. Don’t be surprised if you end up losing half your holiday to it, though.

A good meal can be another way of spending time in the airport terminal. There are numerous food and drink outlets in Terminal 5, although some are probably more appropriate to teens than others. Wagamama is a good safe bet for many, with the Giraffe Restaurant might be ideal for younger teens. Two Wetherspooons branches are on hand to provide cheap food in a laid back environment, or just a drink if that’s what you’d prefer.

If your teenagers are interested in planes, then Terminal 5’s glass construction provides some good opportunities for viewing the planes. For the more dedicated, the top floor Caffe Nero offers some excellent views of take-offs and landings on runway 09L. If that won’t wash in entertainment terms, if they or you have a laptop or mobile device, you can get online at wireless hotspots throughout the terminal, although access isn’t free, so you’ll need to be aware of cost. There are also some fixed access points which can be paid in cash, so potentially they could use some spare pocket money to access them.

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