Lose the Belly Fat While Gaining Energy and Health


To no one’s surprise, losing belly fat, gaining energy and generally getting healthier all go together. While diet and fitness have a large influence on all of these this article is about another factor that can negatively effect belly fat, energy and health. It’s surprising to learn that in the last five years there has been over a 2,500% increase in breast reduction surgeries. Don’t automatically think I’m a sicko that doesn’t want to see women’s breast size go down, these are breast reduction surgeries on men!

What these men really need is not breast reduction surgery, but actually estrogen reduction from dietary and environmental sources. There are forms of estrogen everywhere in our environment and as it gets into the man’s body it sends a message to be more feminine, hence male boobies. It’s bad for women too. An increase in estrogen can cause depression and anxiety and a bigger increase in the risk of breast cancer. For men, it’s not just man boobs that you need to worry about. The increased estrogen makes you fat, slow and tired. Not to mention, it can also ruin your sex life.

The effect on women is increasingly painful menstrual cycles and when menopause starts it will very likely be quite traumatic. The flood of excess estrogen causes your body to stop producing its own hormones and that’s where things really go haywire making both sexes more susceptible to heart attack, stroke and cancer.

There are a variety of sources of this estrogen. Farmers use estrogen to fatten up cattle, pigs and chickens. On top of that there are chemicals in the environment which mimic estrogen. Thousands of products you use every day have them including plastic cups, shampoos, garden hoses, flooring, etc. They get into the body and the message that goes to the tissues are of the female variety. This, then, turns the male body into more and more of a woman’s body and for women we’ve already covered some of the problems. Not a fun prospect for either sex.

There is good news though. You can take simple steps to rid the excess estrogen from your body. Exercise is, of course, one method. Getting your blood pumping helps to flush out toxins. Another step is to lower your exposure to the chemicals, especially the ones in food. You do this by avoiding processed, packaged and fast foods. Also eat organic foods whenever possible. That includes both plant and animal sources because pesticides also contribute to this problem. Whenever you eat fish always try to get wild-caught fish because farm raised fish are fed estrogen too. Lastly, stay away from processed grains.

Cruciferous vegetables have two compounds that help the body flush out excess estrogen. Examples of cruciferous vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage. If that doesn’t appeal to you the compounds they contain are found in supplement form and can be purchased in any health food store. They are Diindolylmethane, also referred to as DIM, and Indole 3 Carbinole, also called I-3-C.

Excess estrogen doesn’t have to be a problem if you do the recommendations in this article. Your reward will be a thin waist with no belly fat, and a more energetic body and healthy body.

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