Losing Weight in the Gym – Elliptical Trainers


Losing weight in the gym is becoming a very achievable goal for many people these days.  Advanced technology has found its way into the fitness center in the last few decades and people are reaping the benefits of this.  One way that you can start using the gym to your advantage is by means of an innovative exercise machine called an elliptical trainer.

An elliptical trainer is similar to a treadmill and an exercise bike, and it combines the best aspects of both.  An elliptical trainer is a piece of gym equipment that is used while you are standing upright.  You place your feet in foot plates and put your hands on either the stationary bars or on bars that move back and forth.  Your feet will then move in a circular motion that simulates walking.

The elliptical trainer is like a treadmill in that you are simulating a walking motion, but it is also like an exercise bike in that it is low impact.  Low impact means that your foot will never actually leave the foot plate before it comes back down.  Treadmills, on the other hand, are high impact machines.  That’s because every time you lift your foot up to take another step you have to slam your heel back down onto the machine.  That makes treadmills quite hard on your feet and legs.

Losing weight in the gym with an elliptical trainer is a great alternative to using a treadmill.  If you have ever had trouble with sore muscles from high impact use of the treadmill, then you should hop onto an elliptical trainer.  Many of these machines are able to track the number of steps that you take, the amount of calories that you have burned, and the total time of your workout among other things.  They’re quite easy to use and are often recommended as the machine of choice for a low impact cardio workout.

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