Lourdes Leon: Stylish Hollywood Teen Girl


Lourdes Leon is said to be inherited from her Pop Queen mom, Madonna in terms of beauty and fashion style. At the age of 14, Lourdes Leon shows off her wonderful sense of fashion and has become among the hottest teen girls in Hollywood such as Taylor Momsen, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. Being daughter of such a talented and charming mother, Madonna, and her good taste of vogue, Lourdes Leon is seen as the center of  the press and media, especially paparazzi. The Queen of Pop’s beloved daughter is best-known as a fashion symbol in the world’s fashion industry and among teens around the world. She is expected to become a great talent in various fields, especially a prestigious fashion designer in the near future. The following stunning images showcase the hot teen girl Lourdes Leon in various fashion looks.


Lourdes Leon, fully named Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, is the daughter of pop icon Madonna


The hottie, born on October 14, 1996, is best-known for her perfect fashion taste with original wearing style


Lourdes Leon’s sense of vogue may be inspired from the exposure to the world’s entertainment industry and prestigious fashion designer like Stella McCarrtney, Marc Jarcob, Dolce and Gabbana


Lourdes Leon and her Pop Queen mother are the owners to Material Girl collection shop at Macy’s in New York City


When Leon was a little child, she was bought expensive, beautiful and fashionable clothes by her mom


Madonna’s first child has recently been seen as a fashion symbol among the youth, especially among teen girls in the world


It’s so amazing that the teen celerity does not pursue the entertainment industry’s popular sexy fashion trend


Instead of boasting long legs or seductive body curves, Lourdes Leon is admired by American fans of her excellent and creative mix and match clothes


The 14-year-old teen girl is considered as the pioneer of the mix and match among colorful legging, sportive shoes and jean shorts


The hot girl is also keen on wearing adults’ clothes, but creatively mix and match them to look young and stylish



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