Low Cost Air Travel

By OFTO on 2013-01-11 18:19:40

Compared to few years back travel has become costlier. The plunge in the economy has further brought hardship to every type of traveler. Every traveler be it a business one or a holiday maker, everyone is in the lookout for cheap airfare. The very reason you are going through this article, is that you too are concern of the skyrocketing airfares. If you are indeed looking for ways to find Cheap Flight Tickets, you have come to the right place.

I will take you a step forward to find cheap airfare.

I am not Einstein or Newton and be assured, I ain’t going to teach you no rocket science. These are only lessons learned through years of traveling and testing my strategy on trial and error basis.

With me; there has been occasions when I have to travel on a very short notice, else I do plan my trip at least month ahead. Flight Tickets booked a month ahead can be lot cheaper than tickets otherwise booked. I also try to book my tickets early in the morning or late night flights. Less people travel in this kind of odd time of the day. The less demand the less the ticket is going to cost.

On holidays I try to take a round trip rather than two one ways. The round trips tend to be lot cheaper than their counter parts. If you are going for a holiday to a small town, it is always better to take a major airline till a big hub and then take a budget airline till the final destination. For example if you are flying to Atlanta to Rome, it is better to take a major airline from Atlanta to Frankfurt or Paris and from their a budget airline. This can reduce you’re your fare up to 30%.

Do not forget to do a little survey before you decide to book your flight tickets, compare prices in online travel portals and you could also directly go to the airlines website and look at the fares.

Fly in lean season :- Air travel is divided in three seasons high, low, and shoulder. Consider the low season for your travel if it is possible, this can save you around 30% or more compared to high season airfares.

Talk to your travel agent about your plans, he may be able to offer you some great deal which you don’t see in any of the online portals. Keep your options open, look into all sources and book you tickets strategically. The key word is DO NOT BOOK YOUR TICKETS IN HASTE, WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS AND CHOSE THE CHEAPEST.

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