Magic Tricks Guarantee Success With Women


Now I know that some of those so called protectors of the art will now be saying “Oh how crass, how can he be so offensive.” Well the reality is that magic tricks do impress people be they men or women. Lets face it; when you have a look around most of the top illusionists since the great Harry Houdini trod the boards have not been blessed with faces that would launch a thousand ships, but they have always been surrounded by very attractive ladies.

Any pitch, for that’s what talking to any lady is, is about first breaking the ice. Magic tricks are ideal for this, they can be small so can be carried around easily, a couple of coins or a few playing cards take up no room at all but these simple tools will get you noticed and will make her smile. And with the smile you are half way there.

The attractive lady sat at the bar has probably been approached a dozen times already tonight but how many of those chaps have managed to come up with a line more inspiring that “can I buy you another drink” or “do you come here often”. How many of those men have made her think my word how on earth did he do that.

A close friend of mine was an expert at this, he is now happily married to a beautiful girl, he would strike up a conversation with a woman or even a group of women. And very soon would be producing coins from thin air and reading people’s minds. His closer was to always make his excuses and leave his audience wanting more. He would not have hit on them, he would not have asked for a phone number he would just graciously bid the women goodnight and wander off. Later that evening when the lady opened her bag or put her hand in her pocket she would find a playing card, the joker, with his phone number on it. He had a success rate you would not believe. As previously mentioned he is now married to just such a woman. He does boast about once doing this to a group of four women and getting phone calls from all of them, chivalry would not allow him to date more than the one though.

The real trick here is not the magic but the art of creating desire; what my friend does so well is put the women in the driving seat. He has built rapport with her through the ice breaker of the magic and then when she is expecting him to go in for the close he has walked away, politely, courteously but still he has not made a move. Now with her curiosity raised she finds the number on the playing card and she is in the driving seat. She can call, thinking what a charming and original man (9 out of 10) or she thinks what a jerk and throws away the card (1 out of 10). Now you have got to like those odds.

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