Marketing a Homemade Bath Product Business


There is an increasing popularity for organic products today. Organic food and bath products continue to have a market as more people are joining the “green” movement. Some people are even wisely profiting from it. With all the organic and homemade products out in the market, it can be hard to actually market local homemade products. An effective but simple and affordable option for a small business owner selling homemade bath products is the use of small print materials such as flyers, brochures, tags and catalogs. What’s more, online printing services make it convenient to print materials today.

Below are some ideas on how to use small marketing materials to establish a homemade bath product line or brand well.

• Use flyers to spread the word instantly-Flyers are a handy and fast way to promote a new product line around a target location. Flyers can be distributed around a neighborhood, bookstore, in social halls or even posted in clubhouses or church bulletin boards. A printing company offers full color flyer printing in bulk orders. Make the most out of flyer printing by using them as discount or promo flyers as well. These flyers can become incentives for customers as they can avail of giveaways or discount rates on certain items.

• Use brochures to inform-If flyers are effective for announcing, brochures can be effective for informing. Since brochures can come in standard or custom sizes, crucial information about new products can be made known. Apart from images of the products themselves, information can include product line name, or code. It can include bath product ingredients. It can include indications, uses or prizes.

• Use bookmarks and tags as giveaways-Use bookmarks or hang tags as creative mediums to further advertise the products. Custom print hang tags out of soaps, shampoo or lotion bottle shapes. These novelty items can grab consumers’ attention, increase recall and referral rates.

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