Marketing Physical Therapy – Part 2


Physical therapy marketing is just as important as the therapeutic sessions. The success of your practice is determined by the number of patients you have and how much money you make. Being a good therapist will not guarantee the patients will come. You must inform the public, where you are and the services you perform.

Being a therapist is the easy part of your therapy business. Your degree has prepared you for treating and preventing injuries as well as provide pain relief. By informing people about what you do, it will help them become aware of your presence in the community.

Every week, make time to develop your marketing ideas. At least half a day per week, should be allotted to planning and implementation of plans. Write down your ideas and then develop the idea to make it into reality. At least, it is one step closer towards getting more patients.

Make yourself more visible in your community by making presentations and talks at local schools and sporting events. Visit local medical professionals and acquaint yourself with them to make them aware of your clinic and what kind of services are available to their patients. Always try to make seasonal visits and presentations to the community, so people will always be aware of you and your clinic. The more they see you, the more they will remember you and if they ever need your services, they will go to you.

Your existing patients are a great way to gain more patients. Through casual conversation, you can tell your patients about different injuries and ailments that you can help people recover. This informs your patients what you can do and how you can help certain conditions, so when they know anyone with those ailments, they can refer them to your physical therapy clinic.

Form a personal relationship with your patients and create a comfortable environment that will be conducive to healing. Ask your patients for their feedback and input, so that you can make their experience better. Patients feel good when they are listened to and their thoughts and suggestions are helpful. The happier the patient, the more satisfied they will feel and they will tell all their friends and family about your warm friendly clinic.

When describing your clinic and services, focus on the benefits of the services rather than details of the services. People respond better to results rather than the details of the treatments. Patient education is the best way to gain patient trust and confidence. Explaining to your patients what their ailments are and how to prevent further pain and discomfort will empower your patients to take their health into their own hands. This will increase their experience at your clinic and give them confidence in your knowledge and skills as a therapist.

Establish a unique way of helping your patients, through a new therapy or new technique. By creating something different and something new, you can generate a demand by patients seeking this special treatment and you can set higher fees for that specialized therapy.

Find your place in the community, help people recover and develop a warm, friendly rapport with your patients. This will instill patient confidence in you and build your reputation within the community. Develop a unique method of treatment that will have patients seeking you out and generate a demand for your unique services.

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