Maternity Belly Band? Really?


A maternity belly band really is absolutely as simple as it seems.
Come on, you wonder, can a maternity belly band seriously, truthfully be just as simple and obvious as it seems? Is it really just a big circle of high-fashion cotton and high-strength elastic? Really? And the it simply holds-up your pants when you no longer can button or fasten them, discreetly covering your slowly expanding mid-section and creating the illusion of a layered-look when your old tops get a little too short and your new maternity tops are too big and too frumpy? That’s what your maternity belly band does, and that’s all that it does? Really? That’s it?

A belly band is perfectly safe and extremely comfortable.
Also known as a bella band, it remains perfectly comfortable throughout your long, hectic workday. Sure, you scoff. Strapping tight elastic around my pregnant belly is going to feel comfortable? Really? And it does not hurt the mom or the baby? It actually adds a little bit of comfort, especially because it makes your clothes fit more comfortably? Really? And the maternity belly band is strong enough to hold-up even your slinky low-cut jeans? Even the low-rise jeans? Really? And a maternity band will stretch to cover …well, you know, that place that low-cut jeans sometimes reveal; even that? Ya think? All day long, snugly and securely, a belly band really holds-up your jeans and discreetly covers? Seriously? No exaggeration?

A bella band is as fashionable as it is practical and comfortable.
How can something so simple be so totally genius? How is it that women waited until the twenty-first century to invent this miracle device? Just cotton and elastic? Really? Just one big tube, designed and built to hold-up your pants and skirts so that you can wring just a little more use from your before pregnancy outfits? That’s it? But , really, are they totally and undeniably cute, or are they kinda prego funky, looking like someone bought up all the old remnants from the fabric store? They are cute; really? So they come in lots of great fashion colors and adorable prints, and they will coordinate with all your favorite tops as if you had layered them over a camisole or tank top? Really?

So, a maternity belly band really does all that? Really? Wow.

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