Michael Jackson Merchandise


Since the news of his death, it seems everybody is buying Michael Jackson merchandise as fast as the sellers can get it out! What are they buying and is it worth anything? The value of this type of memorabilia is not generally established with a cut and dry formula. It is determined by the collector and how the circumstances of the time at hand affect his decision to buy, and why.

Most of the Michael Jackson collector items are bought from avid fans and it holds much more sentimental value than monetary investment value. And that is a good thing! Collecting is rarely done for profit alone. It’s a hobby and supposed to be fun. Of course, there are many pieces of Michael Jackson merchandise that is valuable in the money sense, but generally speaking, the masses of people are looking for keepsakes, mementos and tribute or memorial type products at this time.

Some items of value would be autographs, vintage concert shirts and dolls or action figures from the Thriller era. Autographs or signatures cannot, of course, be produced anymore and therefore hold a lot of value, especially unique one of a kind types with a COA. (certificate of authenticity) The original vintage t-shirts and jerseys from the concert days are also somewhat valuable, especially if they are in good condition. The toy dolls are another item that hold value, the originals from the 1980’s, and if sealed in the original box all the better.

The vinyl, original Thriller and Bad Lp albums (and Jackson Five records) also hold their value. Interesting about Michael Jackson’s Lp’s, especially Thriller, is that this was around the start of the CD age and it makes old albums a “must have” for any collector of Michael Jackson memorabilia to own and add to his display.

No doubt new merchandising and marketing of “The King of Pop” is going to be fierce for at least the next year. Most of this stuff is not very valuable, sentimentally or monetarily, to a collector, nor will it ever be. The good stuff is out there now!

People are going crazy emptying their attics and basements in search of of Michael Jackson items they stashed away years ago in order to make a few bucks today. That stuff is the real deal and there’s lots of it out there right now for people who want it, either as a sentimental collector or a serious collector in search of rare, vintage Michael Jackson merchandise from years gone by.

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