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Anthony J. Mahavorick, whose pen name is Anthony Robbins, also known as Tony Robbins, is regarded as one of the most successful motivational speakers of America. Tony Robbins had a very turbulent childhood. His mother divorced and remarried twice. Born Anthony Mahavorick, Tony took on the name of his second stepfather and named himself Tony Robbins.

Born 29 February 1960 in Glendora, California USA, Tony Robbins is an accomplished speaker and writer, the author of international bestsellers ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ and ‘Unlimited Power’. Tony Robbins started off as a speaker who was impressed with the style and seminars of the legendary motivation speaker Jim Rohn. By 1989, motivational speaker Robbins was using infomercials, paid programming to promote his products, which were the starting steps to his meteoric rise to the top.

By 1994, motivational speaker Robbins was fairly successful when disaster struck. In a routine medical checkup, Tony Robbins was diagnosed with a tumor of the pituitary gland, which put pressure on the gland and circulated higher levels of somatotropin, growth hormone, in his body. On studying this abnormality, doctors justified Tony Robbins’ abnormal growth as a teenager and his large hands and feet. On conducting several tests doctors finally claimed that the tumor would not create any further heart problems and that Tony Robbins was safe.

Motivational speaker Robbins studied Natural Language Processing under the co-founder of NLP John Grinder, and propounded the theory of Neuro-associative Conditioning. He also took up the theory of fire-walking and conducted it in many of his motivational camps. The principle behind the act of fire-walking was that though no physical prowess was required, it required strength of will and conquering of all mental doubts. It requires conditioning the brain to perform tasks previously considered as impossible or un-doable by the individual.

Motivational speaker Robbins was married to his wife for 15 years, Becky Robbins when their relations became sour, and they resolved on a divorce. Tony Robbins described it as one of the most painful process that he had ever undergone. A gentle and mature speaker, Tony Robbins propounds the values of vegetarianism and is one himself. Robbins also believes in giving back to the society and ids the founder of the Anthony Robbins Foundation, which conducts seminars for students, prisoners and the under privileged.

Over his career as a speaker, motivational speaker Robbins has also received a lot of positive as well as negative criticism. Critic James Randi has always remained a thorn in Tony Robbins’ flesh, calling him a scam and a fake. Another notable critic is Michael Roes, who being a participant in Tony Robbins seminar , charged Tony Robbins with employing his cunning and calling participants to further rounds and sessions of his seminar and increasing the cost of those seminars, often upto 10,000$ .

Motivational speaking is a very debatable and controversial topic, but motivational speaker Robbins has plowed ahead no matter what and has established his name and brand in the volatile but high paying industry as a successful speaker.

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