My 3 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes (GET ON TRACK!!)

My 3 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes (GET ON TRACK!!)

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Today I am going to share the 3 biggest diet mistakes that I have personally made within the past year

This is super timely because this past week I committed to starting a diet for the first time in a long time

But now that I feel mentally and physically ready to do this, I’m ready to share a little bit more of this journey

Alright – onto mistake NUMBER ONE


1-Stopping weightlifting when I feel “too big”
I’m embarrassed to say it, but earlier this year I took some time off weights because I was uncomfortable with my size.

Size is a subjective thing. Your comfort level will be different than my comfort level and at that point in my life I was “big” for me and “big” for my relatively narrow frame.

I felt like I was losing shape and just becoming blob-ish, so instead of lifting weights I switched to all high intensity cardio.

Big mistake.

Not only was I sweating buckets and having to use excessive amounts of dry shampoo, but my shape was getting even more shapeless.

It was only when I started lifting heavy weights again that I started seeing the shape and definition I loved.


2-Trying to do it all at once / 0-100 real quick
When I first started weightlifting again, I was in such a huge rush.

When I saw small changes in definition within the first couple weeks, I got super excited and wanted to do all the cardio / all the exercises / and all the circuits at once.

Again, bad idea. I’d spend days at a time sore and stiff, to the point that I actually ended up training less because I jumped in too quickly.


3-“Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day”


This is one of my least favorite motivational quotes EVER.

We DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT all have the same 24 hours in a day.

There are so many reasons why this statement is false.

What if you’re a shift worker with an irregular sleep cycle, you’re constantly tired, and you have to be “on” for your shift?

You can’t be pushing yourself to the absolute max before your shift or else you won’t be able to focus

After your shift – well – you could try that but by that point I’m gonna guess you’ll be pretty tired

I’m not saying it’s impossible – I’m just saying this is a lot different as compared to someone working a standard 9-5


From a diet standpoint…

People working sedentary desk jobs are going to have a tougher time dieting than people working more physical jobs

When you’re sitting all day, you’re burning a lot less calories and so in order to end up at a calorie deficit you’ll have to eat less

Not to mention the oh-so-sneaky break room donuts or snack drawers


What I’m getting at here is that you need to zero in on your unique starting point
And take steps that are practical for YOU

As exciting as it is to scroll Instagram or YouTube, watching people post about all the things they’re doing with their training and nutrition
You might not be ready to make a lot of these changes and that’s okay

What matters is that you START
And you focus on the small wins that are relevant to you

If you can stay focused on those small wins
And stay moving forward
That’s what will create the momentum to keep you going with this lifestyle

I posted about this on my Instagram, but I’d love to keep you in the loop as I continue this diet.

I’ll be keeping up with my regular videos, then just throwing one of these in per week. So if there’s something in particular you’d like me to talk about, then let me know in the comments below!!

Thank you for watching and I hope to see you in my next video!


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