Oral Hygiene – Why Is It Needed

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tags Your probably not aware as to how important our teeth are to our everyday life-style, but they are used for chewing and is crucial to the first stage of digestion. Chewing of our food is also known as mastication, to make it easier to swallow the food is mixed with saliva.

Not only do our teeth assist with the digestion of our food, they also add to our looks, so adopting a oral hygiene practise will help maintain their whightness, still you can become stained due to the foods we eat. In certain cases when stains cannot be remove, laser teeth whitening might be the solution.

We need to keep our teeth healthy and making sure that we adapt to a good oral hygiene system is important, brushing our teeth for a couple of minutes twice a day is needed, however do take care not to brush to hard as this could damage your gums and wear the teeth.

When we brush our teeth it removes plaque which is a soft sticky substance made up of bacteria and food debris, if this plaque is not removed it will form into a hard yellowish substance that is impossible to remove with a tooth brush therefore a visit to the dentist is needed, however if this calculus is not removed it will start to move below the gum line, at this stage gingivitis will start to progress.

Calculus forming on the crown of the tooth is called supragingival calculus and calculus that progress beneath the gum margin is called subgingival calculus.

Not taking the time to try and remove all the plaque can lead to tooth decay, any sugar present in the food we eat will be turned into acid by the plaque bacteria which in turn will start dissolving layer of enamel from our teeth.

Regular visits to the dentist is important to our oral health because if there is a problem with our teeth the dentist will detect them and put them right before progressing any further, a dentist can also give good oral hygiene advice.

Our main chewing teeth can sometimes harbor food, this can be prevent by seeing your dentist who can apply a fissure sealant, this is a thin layer of composite filling material.

There are some substances in saliva that plays part in neutralising the acids that dissolves the enamel which then cause caries (tooth decay), so the increase of saliva flow can help to keep our teeth clean.

Increasing your salvia flow can be helped with the consumption of certain foods such as milk and cheese which is rich in calcium, chewing sugar free gum and eating anything high in fibre, will help.

However there are foods that will not do our teeth any favours and these include, cooked starches, sugar, carbohydrate rich foods, sucrose, glucose and fructose maltose.

Smoking is a bad habit and it harms our body in so many ways. It also affects our oral health. To start with it discolours and stains our teeth, but more to the point could be responsible for tooth loss. When smoking stains are difficult to remove, you can always opt to have a proffesional teeth whitening treatment done.

As previously mentioned the benefits of having a good flow of saliva, smoking doesn’t help as it reduces the production of saliva therefore leading to all kinds of problems like gum disease, decay and possible loss of teeth.

If you develop any infections or diseases to the gums while smoking healing can be delayed as smoking narrows strictens the blood vessels, reducing the flow of blood to the gums.

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