Paper Cups and Cup Dispensers


Paper cups and cup dispensers are very useful beverage serving options for restaurants, cafeterias and food service stations. Paper cups are safe and easy to handle and elegant choices to serve both hot and cold beverages. Cup dispensers are a necessary accessory in heavy traffic places as they can be either mounted on counters or walls for neat storage and dispensing of cups.

Safe and Comfortable Serving Option

Paper cups can be used to serve a variety of hot or cold drinks including tea, coffee, fruit juice and more. Apart from restaurants, they are used in coffee-parlors, juice-parlors, business offices, residences and many other settings. They are convenient for use in outdoor parties and picnics as well.

Paper cups come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, both plain and printed, from reputable manufacturers such as Georgia Pacific Dixie, Solo and others. As they are light-weight, they can be easily carried around. They are designed to enable users hold the cup comfortably and enjoy the drink.

One of the biggest advantages of using these cups is that they are disposable and minimize the risks of catching infection. Further, the tedious tasks of rinsing can be avoided and this is a great benefit for foodservice stations looking to save time and money.

Cup Dispensers for Convenient Storage

Handy models of cup dispensers help store paper cups without damage and denting. These devices are indispensable in busy restaurants and other food service stations. They come in different capacities, with the ones designed for restaurant use much larger in size compared to those intended for home use.

Shop Online for Attractive Discounts

Restaurants and food stations require paper cups and cup dispensers in bulk quantity. Purchase from reliable distributors would ensure good quality products at attractive prices. Most dealers maintain online stores which feature the various products in their inventory, including features and prices.

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