Pet Food Dispensers

By llee_wu on 2013-07-10 18:31:19
tags If you have pets getting a pet food dispenser is a good idea especially if you live alone, and/or everyone at home goes to work and comes back late in the evening. Often you may have to stay back at work or may get waylaid by a friend, or may even want some time for yourself but will have to hurry back home anyway because you haven’t fed your dog since the morning.

Leaving your dog hungry is not a good thing. They depend on you totally even for their daily food. Imagine being in their position where you get food only if someone gives it to you and you will get what I mean. The best compromise would be to get dispensers. Even in pet food dispensers there are different varieties. The simple ones are the ones that are little more than pet food storage bins that come with a spout or funnel that helps you pour out the food. The slightly better ones are those that come with a lever that can be operated either by you or by your pet itself so that they can help themselves whenever they want to.

The first kind of dispensers are the cheaper ones and will only cost you around $ 15 for the simple ones. The lever operated ones are better and more fancy looking so cost more. The only problem with these kinds of dispensers is that you are relying on your dog or cat to stop eating by itself. This does not always work, and sometimes you will find that your pet has eaten four days food in one and is lying listlessly in one corner with a bloated stomach. Imagine if people are unable to exercise self control when it comes to food then it is likely that animals will be the same.

A better kind of storage bin dispenser would be the automatic timed ones that will dispense food at predetermined hours. Some of them are programmable so that you are able to time two separate meals in the same dispenser. Although these are a little more expensive it might be a better option if you are bothered about the health of your pet. Whether you believe it or not even pets suffer from the same complications of obesity as people do if they over eat.

These dispensers cost anywhere between $ 50 and $ 150 depending on their size and complexity. Check online for the good ones and if you buy there you can even avail of some discounts.

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