Philadelphia Student Travel Tours For All Ages


Unbeknownst to many Americans, Philadelphia was once the second largest city in the British Empire. Rich with American history, Philadelphia was the epicenter of political upheaval and independence for the 13 American colonies and it hosted the First and Second Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention. Philadelphia was the nation’s capital from 1790 to 1800, making it an ideal choice for educational trips for students of all ages.

Educational travel tours combine eye opening surroundings with face-to-face experiences in history, science, art, and society. In spite of tight budgets, cheap student travel deals are always available, as most businesses search for customers during the off-season, which happens to coincide perfectly with the school year. Parents and schools can take advantage of deals on student travel that make Philadelphia an affordable reality for individuals who might otherwise never be able to see the wonderful sights of this amazing city.

Elementary School Student Travel

Elementary school-aged children often enjoy field trips to zoos, museums, and other cultural events, but a visit to Philadelphia provides them with memories to last a lifetime. A young child who actually sees the Liberty Bell will hold a different and more precious view of liberty than a child who has only read or heard about it. The Independence Visitor Center offers a Park Services Activities Book that guides and encourages children to seek out notable historic sites and allows them the chance to earn an official Junior Ranger badge!

The Please Touch Museum makes Philadelphia a great destination for young visitors. Unlike many collections of antiquities, children are encouraged to touch, play with, and experience the exhibits. There are live theater performances, a 100-year old carousel, and plenty of daily activities geared toward helping youngsters learn as they play. Philadelphia also offers the nation’s very first zoo and an outstanding aquarium that allows visitors to walk through a 40-foot tunnel that is suspended in water!

Middle School Travel Tours

Middle schoolers can enjoy activities such as Breakfast With Ben, in which children get to enjoy an interactive breakfast and conversation with Ben Franklin! Knowledgeable performers bring history to life for an unforgettable experience that will stimulate many future conversations about our Founding Fathers.

The Franklin Institute provides student travel tours that challenge assumptions and stimulate thought. Exhibits include Changing Earth and Electricity, Space Command, and even a Giant Heart children can walk through! Students will also enjoy a visit to the Independence Seaport Museum where they will walk the gangplank and board Admiral Dewey’s 1892 Cruiser Olympia of Spanish-American War fame, and then head back indoors aboard the WWII Beacon submarine! The Seaport Museum features hands on activities and an imaginary trip down river in a rocking rowboat. Classroom discussions about life at sea will never be the same.

High School Student Travel

Visiting Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Christ Church Burial Ground, and the Eastern State Penitentiary can spark interest in even the most jaded teen. These student travel destinations introduce modern teens to the harsh realities of our nation’s beginnings, the sacrifices made, and the risks taken. Christ Church Burial Ground offers an opportunity to collect gravestone rubbings and see the final resting places of some of America’s greatest minds and leaders, whereas Eastern State Penitentiary, once the most expensive and famous prison in the world, demonstrates the results of less than ideal goals and actions.

There are simply so many student travel discounts available to Philadelphia attractions, such as the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Atwater Kent Museum, the African American Museum, and Longwood Gardens, that schools are booking these student travel deals well in advance. Where better to study the origins of our great nation than in the very halls, streets, and fields where the American concept of liberty was born.

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