Relationship/Family/Friend Tattoos

Relationship/Family/Friend Tattoos

Hey Guys!

I mentioned about doing a video about relationship tattoos in a q&a I did couple of weeks or so ago.
I thought I would tie in Family and Friend tattoos as well while I was at it!

Again like with most videos this is just my opinion, I’m not right or wrong in what I am saying.

Just think before you ink, make sure the reason you are getting a relationship/family/friend tattoo is for a good positive reason and one you won’t regret even if your relationship goes bad. Don’t get a tattoo just to prove to someone you love and care about them, thats all the wrong reasons, get it for you (of course getting a tattoo to do with another person / matching one is a hella nice thing to do – but remember its on YOUR body)

Disclaimer: I say in the video ”do people even get name tattoos anymore” just because I have been looking at image tattoos for over a year now and don’t actively seek out name tattoos. Of course people still get name tattoos was having a Lauren moment of speaking before thinking :p

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