Relaxing Sinus Massage to Treat Your Allergies


Have allergies been holding you back from having the time of your life in Las Vegas this summer? Tired of putting up with continuous throbbing pain behind your eyes and the inability to breathe freely through your nose? Fortunately sniffling and sneezing can be a thing of the past! Sinus congestion is caused when there is a blockage to the sinus passages by an accumulation of mucus or if the sinus passages are swollen due to infection. As a result, the mucus is unable to drain out as normal, therefore the pressure and soreness around the ears and face.

A new study proved that approximately one third of consumers are unable to participate in fun outdoor summertime activities because of sinus related symptoms. Around 64% of individuals who fall victim to sinuses make no effort to try and cure their symptoms. It is likely that this can be due to the fact that 2/5 people think that their allergy or sinus medicine doesn’t work. Getting a spa sinus massage is an effective and natural way to rapidly relieve your allergies. Not only is it painless and relaxing, but it also gets rid of headaches and promotes sinus drainage to help you breathe more easily.

During a sinus spa massage, a small amount of eucalyptus, lavender oil and peppermint is used to loosen the muscles in the rear of the neck, head and face. By giving pressure to particular places in these areas of your body, it activates the natural therapeutic tendencies to help clear sinus congestion. For example, when you’re forcing that last bit of cream out of the tube that’s clinging to the sides. Using your fingers, you make pressure and gradually force the contents out.

Spa Massages are known to be one of the best healers for our bodies and not only is it relaxing and pleasurable, but it also works as a stimulant. Relaxation, that occurs during a massage, releases a biological mechanism that prevents the brain from sending the “attack the allergens!” reply that makes you sneeze and wheeze. Sinus Massages keep your heart rate levels and blood pressure low while improving circulation, which will lower stress levels and help keep your allergies under control.

Another great way to relieve a sinus headache or nasty allergies is to exercise. It’s been proven that physical exercise helps people better deal with pain. It helps your sinuses to drain naturally, which minimizes the risks that they’ll get puffy and plugged. Mild exercise can prevent headache pain such as a twenty-minute refreshing jog or taking a bike ride around the neighborhood. Consequently low-energy workouts followed by a refreshing spa massage is a sure way to beat any sinus problems that you’re experiencing.

Don’t let your sinuses hold you back any longer! Come visit your nearby Las Vegas Spa now for a “Sinus Free” Massage!

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