Rock Of Ages Tickets: Paramount Theatre Welcomes The Rock Of Ages

.tags Rock of Ages is a rock/jukebox musical, with a book by Chris D’Arienzo, built around classic rock hits from the 1980s, especially from the famous glam metal bands of the decade. The musical features songs from Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison and Asia, among other well-known rock bands. It is directed by Kristin Hanggi and choreographed by Kelly Devine with music supervision, arrangements, and orchestrations by Ethan Popp. The show is noted for being more lighthearted and comedic than other shows on Broadway. During performance, the performers frequently break the “fourth wall”, directly addressing the audience and seemingly forgetting (or perhaps reminding the audience) that they are actors in a play.

Narrator Lonny sets up the story: In 1987, an aspiring rocker named Drew Bowie works as a busboy in the Hollywood bar/club called The Bourbon Room, owned by Dennis Dupree (“Just Like Paradise/Nothing But A Good Time”). He falls instantly for a girl, Sherrie, who just arrived from Kansas hoping to make it big in acting (“Sister Christian”). After being hired as a waitress in the club, Sherrie urges Drew to go after his dreams (“I Wanna Rock”).

German developers, Hertz and his son Franz, convince the city’s Mayor to abandon the “sex, drugs and rock-n-roll” lifestyle of the Sunset Strip and introduce “clean living” into the area, much to the anger of the City Planner, Regina. (“We Built This City”). When Dennis learns that part of the plan involves demolishing The Bourbon Room, he believes the club can generate more money by having rock star Stacee Jaxx and his band Arsenal, who recently announced their break-up, perform their last show at The Bourbon (“Too Much Time On My Hands”). He calls Stacee and convinces him to play the band’s last show in the club where he began. Regina begins protesting Hertz and Franz’s redevelopment plans (“We’re Not Gonna Take It”).

Later, Sherrie argues with her parents during a phone call, and Drew struggles to write lyrics that mean something (“More Than Words/Heaven/To Be With You”). Drew invites Sherrie to have a picnic in the hills overlooking Los Angeles (“Waiting For A Girl Like You”). There, he mistakenly suggests that the two are just friends to calm their nerves, disappointing both of them and ruining the date.

Stacee Jaxx arrives at The Bourbon and gives an interview about his life (“Wanted Dead Or Alive”). Sherrie is immediately smitten with him, and believing she means nothing to Drew, has sex with Stacee in the men’s room (“I Want To Know What Love Is”). Drew plays in the club and displays enough musical ability that Dennis asks him to open for Stacee and Arsenal. After their tryst, Stacee tells Dennis to fire Sherrie before the concert begins.

His guitarist realizes what Stacee did and knocks him out. A record producer in the club suggests Drew take over for Stacee, and then offers him a contract, which he accepts. Sherrie seeks comfort from Drew after she is fired (“Cum On Feel The Noize”), but having seen her go into the men’s room with Stacee, he dismisses her. Regina continues her protest(“We’re Not Gonna Take It”).

An upset and unemployed Sherrie meets Justice, the owner of a nearby strip club named the Venus Club which Justice prefers to call a gentleman’s club. She relates to Sherrie’s story, saying that many of the small-town girls hoping to hit it big in LA end up making a living as strippers. Grudgingly, Sherrie accepts Justice’s offer to work in her club (“Harden My Heart/Shadows of the Night”). As the act closes, everyone is alone – Drew, as a new record company star; Sherrie, fending for herself as an exotic dancer; Regina protesting the redevelopment and Dennis, trying to save his club (“Here I Go Again”).

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