Saving A Marriage After An Affair


Saving a marriage after an affair can seem like a daunting task. Maybe you find yourself stuck in one place? Can’t seem to move forward but want to do anything to save your marriage?

There are two things that can absolutely devastate a marriage: An affair or one of the spouses passing away.

With an affair, you no longer have much self esteem, your trust has gone out the window and your day to day life is consumed by negative thoughts.

Are you ready to learn how to move on? Can saving a marriage after an affair really be done?

Yes it can, just get ready for some hard work in order to heal. Typically the victims of the affair get stuck on wanting to know every little detail of the affair and all they are doing is making sure they remain emotionally drained.

In this state it is hard to see the end of the situation. You need to learn how to move forward, even if you don’t know how at first. Saving a marriage after an affair depends on it.

What happens if your partner does not share the details? What if they don’t answer the questions you have? Do you think you can still move past the affair?

Your spouse never sharing all of the details, regardless how many times you ask, is the first reality you must accept. If you don’t than you are only going to hang onto your anger. What kind of life will that be?

In order to move forward in saving your marriage why not start with looking at yourself? Take hold of your life and make some decisions that feel good to you. The first area to look at is your idea about forgiveness. This is integral to saving a marriage after an affair, what will forgiveness do for you? What outcomes do you think it will provide?

Through truthful evaluation and defining your definition, you may be surprised to see you are not attached to the details of the affair as you thought. The great part is you will have a clear understanding of what you need in order to save your marriage.

Here are some questions to help you get started:

Am I able to move past the affair even if my spouse doesn’t ask for forgiveness?
How will this affect my ability to move on from the affair?
Will I remain stuck in the waiting game?
What does hearing a geniuine apology mean to me?

No matter what thought or emotion you come across, write it down. What you are doing is learning your own opinions about saving a marriage after an affair. You are taking control of the situation and figuring out how to move your marriage forward.

If you think of any other questions write them down and then see how much progress you’ve made. Do you feel you can move past what is keeping you in place? By taking ownership of the situation you have taken a healthy step in saving a marriage after an affair.

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