Secret Restaurant Recipes and Cooking Techniques


Most of us are trying to save money in this economy, so we are eating at home more and at restaurants less. A lot of us are trying to find secret restaurant recipes, and make them at home. Cloning secret restaurant recipes is actually a good way to learn to cook. Some recipes are easy to figure out and make at home. After all, once you have had the dish at a restaurant you know how it is supposed to look and how it is supposed to taste, you just have to figure the ingredients, and, just as important, the right techniques or “tricks of the trade” used to create the dish.  Sometimes the recipes are a little tricky to figure out and don’t come out quite right. This can be because we don’t have the exact ingredients, the right quantities, or the right techniques. The right technique can be the “missing ingredient.”

Below I will share my bacon cooking technique for Outback style Cheesy Fries. It’s ideal if you can find secret restaurant recipes in a complete collection with detailed instructions so that the dishes come out right the first time and you don’t have to waste time and ingredients while you are experimenting. Take it from me, let someone else do the experimenting.

Here’s a technique that makes cooking bacon easy:

Cooking Bacon is best done in a convection oven! This technique frees up your time and attention to prepare the rest of the meal.

Lay individual slices of bacon on a broiler pan, close, but not touching.
Put broiler pan on the rack in the centerof COLD oven.
Set oven at CONVECTION BAKE at 350 degrees (NOT Broil).
When your oven alerts you that it has reached temperature, your bacon is done!

That’s it! No turning, no spattering, no mess! Of course if you like your bacon more or less crisp just adjust the temperature up or down accordingly. The temperature also depends on how much fat is in your bacon, so different brands require different temperatures. Hint: Make sure you are in the kitchen so you hear the oven “buzz” when it has reached temperature.

I use this technique all the time for breakfast, BLT’s and bacon bits. I turn the temp to 365 for bacon bits for the Cheesy Fries Recipe below:

Cheesy Fries Like the Outback Steakhouse


6-8 strips of bacon, cooked as above and crumbled
1 lb bag of frozen fries
1 cup shredded Jack cheese

Dipping Sauce Ingredients:

1/2 cup sour cream
Tablespoon horseradish (or to taste)
dash each cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt

Blend all ingredients of Dipping Sauce well. Cover and refrigerate to let flavors blend. Cook Fries according to package directions of your preferred method, oven bake or pan fry. If pan fried in small batches, keep them warm in a 250 degree oven. When all the fries are done, mound onto a serving plate, or divide onto 4-6 individual plates. Salt if desired and cover with shredded cheese and bacon crumbles. Place back in oven until cheese is  melted. Remove carefully as plate will be hot. Serve immediately with dipping sauce. Serves 6.

I hope you found this tip and recipe helpful. I share more techniques and how to find secret restaurant recipes in other articles and on my website. Happy Cooking!

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