See Your Town on Satellite TV


If you ever go to visit a long-lost relative in a small town in the middle of nowhere, or if you have ever ended talking to a local on a road trip that stops in a town that you have never been to before, you will almost inevitably hear about some random Brad Pitt or Meryl Streep movie that was shot two blocks away from where they live. While there are certain places where a lot of movies and satellite TV shows are shot on a regular basis, like Manhattan or Los Angeles, everyone in smaller American locales remembers that one time that Kevin Spacey was in town for 72 hours to shoot a scene from a movie that they cannot quite remember the name of.


Perhaps you are one of those people. You cannot help it! It is really was quite exciting that one time that Will Smith came to the local diner to order a classic hamburger in between takes. It’s not that often that a small town gets so much excitement! Certainly the local newspapers will be there to capture it all and plaster the front page with pictures of the star entering local establishments, or being mobbed by local young fans who have cut class in order to watch scenes from the movie be shot. But all this excitement disappears the moment that the actor and all the crew leave. People talk for a few days afterwards, but eventually everything goes quiet, people go back to normal, and it is almost like the whole thing never even occurred in the first place.


What happens if you want to relive the excitement? Well, luckily, getting a satellite TV package with DVR means that you can, as many times as you want! This is because with satellite TV, you will never have had so many options of movies or TV shows to watch. The movie or program that your town or neighborhood was featured in will eventually play at some point, it is almost guaranteed. You can pop some popcorn, and sit back and enjoy the image of the area in which you live protected on your brand new flat screen television in high definition, right before your very eyes.


The best thing about getting satellite TV with a DVR device, or digital video recording, is that if you do not have the time to watch the program when it airs, you can simply record it and watch it at your own convenience. So there is really no excuse to miss it! Even if you are able to watch the movie or TV show live, you can still record it, just so that you can go back and re-watch your favorite scene whenever you want. And just think, if you have any visitors from out of town, you can fast-forward to the most important part as soon as they arrive! OK, maybe you do not want to do that: you might scare them off! Maybe you can just sit down together and watch the whole movie instead.


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