Seeing Hawaii For People With Disabilities

.tags If you have mobility issues and believe that seeing the beauties of Hawaii is beyond your capabilities, think again! The islands welcome millions of visitors each and every year and local companies provide the services and equipment necessary to allow those who have trouble getting around on their own to feel welcome and truly experience the sites up close. Here are some options available to help you get around along with some travel tips to make your visit more enjoyable.

Equipment Rental

Home care companies on the islands are well-versed in providing for the needs of folks with special needs of all types. Generally, a representative will meet you at a pre-designated area in the airport and have everything you’ve ordered prepped and ready to go. Some of the items available for rent include:

–Motorized scooters
–Wheeled walkers
–Standard wheelchairs
–Motorized wheelchairs
–Wheelchairs designed for beach use
–Shower chairs
–Elevated potty seats
–Transfer benches
–Bedside commodes
–Oxygen tanks and accessories
–And a whole lot more

All equipment can usually be rented on a daily, weekly or even a monthly basis if you plan on visiting for a prolonged period of time. Most of the above items are difficult to transport with you by plane: isn’t it nice to know you don’t have to? Imagine enjoying your Maui or Kauai scooter rental and having the freedom and independence to go virtually anywhere you want in shopping and other areas without having to rely on buses, taxis or special vans!

Other Helpful Tips

–If you use a wheelchair and would like to take care of your own transportation needs, there are rental companies on most islands that will provide wheelchair-accessible vans, many of them with hand controls.

–Selected beach parks and trails are wheelchair-accessible. As you are planning your trip, be sure to contact the Department of Parks and Recreation on the islands you will visit to obtain a list of natural areas that can accommodate special needs visitors.

–Most animals entering Hawaii need to be quarantined, but exceptions are made for service animals. If you rely on a service animal on a daily basis, be sure to contact the Hawaii Department of Agriculture for comprehensive information about and requirements for bringing your dog with you.

The “Spirit of Aloha” applies to limited mobility visitors as much as anyone else: making all necessary arrangements before you fly will allow you to enjoy virtually all that Hawaii has to offer.

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