Self Belief in Internet Marketing is Crucial to Success


A ninety five percent failure rate for prospective Home Business Owners is often touted as an unshakable truth that Internet Marketing Gurus regularly use to justify why people should follow there prescribed formulas. In effect the ninety five percent statistic is a self fulfilling prophecy as many people interested in starting a home business are given misleading and flawed directions on the what, how and why elements of starting a business.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how good the business model is in effect it is doomed to fail unless the prospective business owner takes psychological ownership of the business, because that, in essence, is what home business ownership is all about.

Enjoying what you do.

The attraction of working from home should not involve doing meaningless drudge work that the worker could do with far less risk by working for a wage. It should excite the business owner with passion and make them want to be involved working on their business.

Read newsletters from successful home Business netpreneurs like Perry Marshall, Graham Hamer and Rosalind Gardner and their passion, energy, commitment and enthusiasm shines through and they’re all different, they’ve all carved their own little niche in an extremely competitive but mind blowingly large market.

But they all have one thing in common, a belief in themselves and an ability to connect with their audience on multiple levels and it’s because they love what they do.

They love learning and perfecting their craft and they love sharing their experiences with their subscribers – the good and bad and that’s why they retain their readers and their customers – because they not only believe in what they do, they’re prepared to tell it like it is.

So where does that leave the new Internet Marketer?

At first the answer is quite daunting – how on earth can you compete with those guys, well you can’t compete with Perry Marshall when it comes to Google Adwords knowledge, but I bet that there are heaps of subjects that you know about that he hasn’t got the faintest idea about.

And there lies your real business opportunity – setting up an online business relating to what you know and love.

You don’t need to write like Stephen King, you just need to write knowledgeably from the heart. You don’t need to design web pages like a pro, there are programs that can do that for you, and WordPress themes can make your blog look very professional in any case.

What you do need is confidence in yourself and the self belief to ignore the get rich snake oil salesman and stick to what you know. Set a realistic goal for yourself and go for it, because once you have a goal, everything else is a detail.

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