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.tags 1 Traditional Chinese medicine Conventional extraction methods
Production of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, the traditional method of extraction and separation was mainly by organic solvent extraction, mainly boiling method, return method, impregnation method, percolation method, water extraction and alcohol precipitation, ethanol precipitation of water, acid alkali, settlement, filtration, centrifugation, salting, ion exchange and crystallization method.

Chinese medicine formulations vary, the components of the complexity of the extraction method used in the extraction of active ingredients, the existence of impact of efficacy, and complex procedures, high energy consumption, lower purity, technical demanding, consumption of organic solvents such problems difficult to meet the requirements of both supply and demand, competition in the future out of technology is inevitable.

2 extraction methods of modern medicine
In recent years, Chinese medicine extraction separation of many new techniques, the application of these new technologies, making herbal extracts is consistent with the traditional Chinese medicine theory, but also to reduce costs, increase yield and purity of active ingredients the purpose of promoted the modernization of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine of our country laid the foundation for the international market. Extraction of new technology now described below.

(1) supercritical fluid extraction Supercritical fluid extraction SFE is the use of supercritical fluid extraction under the agent, from liquid or solid in the extraction Medicine The efficacy of ingredients and the method of separation. SFE extraction efficiency technologies, short production cycle, easy to find new active natural plant ingredients, little loss or destruction of volatile components of physiologically active substances, solvent residue, high product quality. The technology also can be analyzed with other separation techniques combined to analyze the composition of the extracts and determination and the provision of high-purity samples. In the Purification of egg Food The free Cholesterol China, with more traditional Soxhlet extraction, supercritical CO with time-consuming short, the advantages of small volume dosage.

(2) ultrasonic extraction UE is the use of ultrasonic extraction of ultrasonic cavitation to accelerate the dissolution of plants, while the secondary effects of ultrasound, such as mechanical vibration, emulsification, dispersion, crushing, chemical effect, also can accelerate the proliferation want to extract elements release and the full benefit extraction and solvent mixture. The technology has the extraction time is short, high yields, without heating, low temperature extraction of active ingredients help to protect and so on. Li and other extracts from the chlorogenic acid in Eucommia research shows that the efficiency of ultrasonic treatment was higher than traditional methods. Jin Ying and other polyphenols in apple Ultrasonic extraction study, the ultrasonic wave method of apple polyphenols and with ordinary solvent extraction method were compared, found that ultrasonic extraction efficiency was higher, reaching 94.12%.

(3) microwave extraction MA microwave extraction is Ganzler first proposed in 1986. Microwave extraction is the use of a suitable solvent in the microwave reactor, from the natural medicinal plants, minerals, animal tissue extracts of various chemical components of technology and methods. As the strong penetration of microwave, can reactant inside and outside part of the same uniform, rapid heating can shorten production time, reduce energy consumption, reducing solvent consumption and waste generation, while increasing the yield and Extract Purity. It has been reported using microwave-assisted extraction of water in stem Mogroside Luohanguo results show that the extraction rate of 7015 percent, higher than the regular 45% water extraction, also reduced by 50% of the time.

(4) Membrane Extraction Technology
Pressure membrane extraction and separation technology is driven to achieve the separation of solute and solvent, operating at room temperature, no phase transition, low energy consumption. Using membrane technology, including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis and other biological systems can be realized in the environment of the original material separation, concentration enrichment products efficiently and effectively remove impurities. Vincze and other membrane separation technology used to collect herbs in sea buckthorn juice, and further production of products such as instant tea. Cai kind of selective membrane extract from the separation of betaine betaine, desalination rate of 99.14%, received excellent results.

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