Should I Take an Aromatherapy Course?


With so much information on the Internet some people believe that it is not necessary to take aromatherapy courses. They feel that what they need to know is already posted somewhere on the net. Is this True? Let’s look at some pros and cons.

The truth of the matter is that there is tons of information on the Internet regarding aromatherapy. The problem is that this both a pro and a con.

As I always say, “The Information Highway has quickly become the Misinformation Highway”. Sad, but true. With so much misinformation it is very likely that you could end up using essential oils that are not good for you, or use it in a wrong manner and end up hurting yourself.

Just because aromatherapy is a natural product you must never forget how potent a small bottle of essential oil is. It takes tonnes of herb to make just a little bit of essential oil. This is why it is always necessary to dilute any essential oil that you plan on using. Even learning the proper dilution rates can be confusing if you look to the Internet as your source.

You must always keep in mind that many of these webpages are put up by the people selling the essential oils. The more essential oils they can get you to buy, the better for them. So, if you use their essential oils very quickly, then of course they can count on you coming back for more.

Aromatherapy courses will teach you the proper dilution rates for essential oils as well as which oils have known to be toxic and unsafe. Be sure to check out who is giving the course. Are they reliable? Are they Certified Aromatherapists themselves or just a company representative of some Multi-Level-Marketing group?

People who have been properly trained in aromatherapy and have completed certification courses are generally taught about the safety of using particular essential oils. It is astounding the number of people who will tell  you that such and such an essential oil is good for you and yet,in many cases, it is banned for use beyond a certain dilution, by the FDA !

Some of these charlatans will even tell you to ingest the essential oils. If the FDA were aware of all of these people and could keep track of the new websites and aromatherapy blogs that are increasing daily they would never have enough men and women to keep up with all of the lies and false claims which some of these people (company representatives) are making.

People may tell you that their essential oils are therapeutic and therefore will not harm you and that many of them are used in the food and flavoring industry. Right away, this is a lie! There is no such grade as “therapeutic”, it is only a badge that their company has put on their label. The FDA does not consider ANY essential oils as therapeutic. It is NOT A DRUG! It is regulated by the FDA as a cosmetic.

It is true that some essential oils which are used in aromatherapy are also used in the food and flavoring industries, as well as in the perfume industry, but the FDA sets limits on how much the dilution should be and also if the essential oil is pure or synthetically derived. If it is synthetic then the label must read “Fragrance”. There is also a big difference between Peppermint Essential Oil and Peppermint Extract. Never take a chance just because some sales representative tells you that she has been trained by her superiors.  (Also known as their upline in MLM terms)

Everyone, should be taking aromatherapy courses so that they can learn to use these wonderful essential oils safely and effectively.

Always remember the adage: DO NO HARM!  Too bad, mlm’s don’t live by this motto

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