Sir Paul smith


Sir Paul Smith is the king of British design. Famous for his casual, ease and naughty design, Paul smith with superb craftsmanship, classic traditional and mischievous humor, complete definition of the essence of the lifestyle of British heritage.


He dared to playful and elegant fashion – think of his beautiful printed satin lining of a suit – and time-tested.


Smith1946 was born in Nottingham, 16 years into the fashion industry, a local clothing warehouse in the run difference. Smith, an avid cyclist with hopes of going pro, had his dream deferred after a major crash at age 17.


After a spate of tailoring classes, he opened a small shop in Nottingham at the age of 24, he used his own savings to open a store, and learn tailoring.



And six years after that, began showing his namesake label in Paris. In 1976, he was first named by Paul Smith men’s line in Paris come out. 30 years later, has long been a pioneer designer of the Smith brand of the United Kingdom with 12 different departments.


Paul Smith’s brand—centered on the concept of traditional suits and dress shirts colliding with explosive colors and stripes, and sometimes eccentric details—has since expanded worldwide with a number of offshoot collections.


Today there are 12 different collections; Paul Smith, Paul Smith Women, PS by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans, Paul Smith London, R.Newbold (Japan only), Paul Smith Accessories, Paul Smith Shoes, Paul Smith Fragrance, Paul Smith Watches, Paul Smith Pens and Paul Smith furniture and ‘things’. Paul Smith rugs, china, spectacles and fragrance are made under license. Designed in Nottingham and London, the Paul Smith collections are primarily produced in England and Italy while the fabrics used are mainly of Italian, French and British origin.


Sir Paul smith has received 5 Best British GQ designers in 2000 by the The Queen awards. Today, managed this by refining the suit and colorful stripes famous international companies at the same time, Smith still maintains a “good” reputation.

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